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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on September 08, 2000 at 10:06:16:


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Date: 9/8/00 9:45 AM
Received: 9/8/00 9:46 AM
From: Rob Zako
To: Mary O'Brien

Dear Mary, Kevin and the rest of the Citizens Nature Project,

Kudos on doing a great job on identifying wildlife habitat sites in
Eugene and Springfield and in raising awareness about the Metropolitan
Natural Resources Study.

As Friends of Eugene has its hands full with TransPlan, LUCU, downtown
issues, Measures 2 and 7, and a few other things, I am glad that the
Citizens Nature Project came together.

President, Friends of Eugene

P.S. Just one dumb question: Who/what is "Metro"? (In Portland there is
an official metropolitan government, but I am not aware of any such body
in Eugene-Springfield. Is "Metro" just a shorthand for Eugene,
Springfield and Lane County -- all organized together by LCOG?)

On 9/6/00 8:53 AM, Mary O'Brien wrote:

>Hi, folks,
> Now that the 110 forms of citizens' documentation of currently unprotected
>wildlife habitat sites in Eugene and Springfield that should be protected
>under State Land Use Planning "Goal 5" have been handed in by the Citizen
>Nature Project (and if you have additonal sites, you CAN get them in this
>month as well), it's important to think about the next steps. What is
>printed below is the cover letter that accompanied submission of the 110
>forms. It indicates that the Citizens Nature Project will be pursuing
>three major issues:
> 1. How Metro will be processing and investigating the sites that have been
> 2. How Metro will be integrating recreational trails, open space,
>scenic/aesthetic sites, native plants, etc. (i.e., other Goal 5 resources
>they are NOT explicitly - so far - including in their process) into their
>consideration of these sites.
> 3. Our suggestion that sooner rather than later they convene an evening of
>local biology "experts" - i.e., avid birders, biologists, wetland
>specialists, etc. who know our two communities well and could provide
>insights into what should be considered as "wildlife sites".
> A second letter was simultaneously submitted to Kathi Wiederhold (the
>project manager for this Goal 5 Natural Resources process), signed by
>Citizens Nature Project, CPA, Eugene Tree Foundation, Friends of Buford
>Park and Mt. Pisgah, Friends of Eugene, FRESH, Lane County Audubon,
>LandWatch, NCAP, ONRC, and Save Our EcoSystems. That letter requested
>discussion with Metro regarding (a) how our organizations can assist in
>helping LCOG produce an accurate and satisfactory inventory of wildlife
>habitat sites; and (b) our proposal that any other sites meeting Goal 5
>natural resources criteria be allowed to be easily added in the future
>after a preliminary list is adopted by local governments.
> Thanks to so MANY of you for taking so much initiative to make this all
>happen. It will be a long haul, probably, but then it's the future of
>Springfield and Eugene!
>Mary O'Brien

Ballot measures 2 and 7 would destroy our land use planning system...
find out more: http://www.friends.org/ballot

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| 1280-B East 28th Ave., Eugene, OR 97403-1616 |
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