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Posted by  Pat N on November 05, 2000 at 07:51:44:

In Reply to:  Re: three strikes for Bush posted by Pat N on November 04, 2000 at 20:54:46:


In a series of questions and answers sent out in a press release this
morning, LTC (Ret.) Bill Burkett "clarified" his previous statements about the military files of George W. Bush. In particular, he said that he never alleged that the Governor's staff "doctored" the records, as the London Times reported he said this morning. Excerpts follow. --Politex, 11/5/00

"Within the morning press reports in the London Sunday Times and other
publications, I am stated to have alleged that the staff of George W. Bush 'doctored' [the key term] the military files of George W. Bush in whatever attempt to cover his military record....

"How did your reference in this story develop?
I contacted a website that outlined the Governor’s personal military
career irregularities and suggested that there were two official documents that would resolve the issue of satisfactory and honorable service.
Suddenly on Friday afternoon, my telephone became barraged with media
calls and messages including those who had known of my previous
whistleblowing but had failed to report it. I explained my background and personal observations to each of them in minute detail, often repeating the entire process for clarity. I was extremely careful not to point an accusing finger, but rather shape a question which could resolve this allegation of integrity that had clouded the Bush campaign since June of 1999 - the issue of his personal military service."...

"Did you allege that the Governor’s staff “doctored” the records?
No, instead I stated that the way this had been handled by the Bush staff including knowledgeable military officials at the Texas national guard, that it left the implication that the Bush staff had first incompetently provided an incomplete military file for the Governor which was consistent with his autobiography. I further observed that they probably did not anticipate that the file would be scrutinized to the level that it was. Whenever someone determined holes is service “big enough to drive a Mack truck through”, additional information [all of which was unofficial and
some in pencil notations] were then submitted to the press to answer
questions. I further observed the this “trust me, I’m the Governor”
approach had worked throughout Texas for George W. Bush within his tenure and the media had given the Governor a free pass without the same scrutiny as the Vice President until the eleventh hour revelation of the DUI. But this still left the basic question - Why didn’t Governor Bush simply release his military pay files and retirement points accounting records, which are the only OFFICIAL records that will show that he satisfactorily and honorably completed his service commitment?" from Inside Bushwatch


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