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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on November 05, 2000 at 14:43:53:

Dear Phillip,

I know you have taken the time to write because you feel strongly about the issues in the current presidential campaign. I appreciate that sincerely. I too think the issues are very, very important.

But your attacking email is addressed to someone I don't think you know at all. As such, maybe you've missed the fact that it is my team and I who actually created the PetitionOnline system for collective free speech, which is giving Naderites real equal time -- unlike PBS or any of the major corporate media. The same PetitionOnline which is providing the forum for the almost-amusing 'Ask Gore to Drop Out' petition -- despite the fact that a few Naderites have been packing the signature count with long runs of bogus signatures.

Beyond that, I'm the one who personally, at the direct request of the Nader campaign, created a special page and posted Nader's own letter, linked to the 'Letter to Nader' petition (which I do support):



There are plenty of appropriate targets for anger out there. There are plenty of individuals and entities who are focused on winning at any cost, no matter what damage to democracy or to truth. But it's not us! Making a request does not make it intimidiation.

Democracy is predicated on reasoning accomodation of real disagreements. Being a good small "d" democrat requires the ability to make distinctions, sometimes fine distinctions. Any ecologist knows the world isn't black and white, demons and heros. Any scientist knows small differences in initial conditions can lead to large differences in eventual outcomes. The webs of life are intricate and interconnected. For one tiny example, Ralph Nader has stock investments in Occidental Petroleum, too.

So Ralph has made practical judgments about how he invests his person wealth, and about why (unlike Gore and Bush) he won't release his income tax filings. Gore has made a bunch of practical judgments to succeed as a politician. I don't totally agree with either of them - neither of them is perfect - and I really wouldn't expect to. So for me, who to support in this election boils down to a practical judgment. Perhaps unlike Ralph, Al, and for instance, me, you may not want to be practical - you may not want any of us to be practical - and of course that is your right.

But isn't that right reciprocal? I might wish I had the control to deserve the responsibility you want to assign, but I don't. All I can hope to do is make things a little better, a step at a time.

Please, pick someone else to target for wrecking democracy.


Kevin Matthews
Eugene, Oregon

On 11/5/00 at 1:39 PM, Phillip Fujiyoshi wrote:

] So it wasn't enough to silence Nader in the media and keep him out of the
] debates. And it wasn't enough to threaten his supporters that a vote for
] Nader is a vote for Bush. Now you want to convince Nader himself to stop
] campaigning. You're supposed to support your candidate by comparing him to
] his opponents and mobilizing his base of support, not trying to intimidate
] his opponents and their supporters. Too bad Gore is such a corporate
] candidate -- people don't really like him, and he's losing more votes to
] Bush than to Nader in the emerging swing states like California and
] Tennessee. You are the real obstacle to taking back our country from the
] corporations, and if Bush or Gore wins, you will be to blame for the
] tightening corporate control that will result.
] Phillip Fujiyoshi

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