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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on November 07, 2000 at 05:42:33:

Dear Ralph Nader,

The grassroots online petition asking you not to play spoiler for Bush in today's crucial election now has nearly 14,000 signatures, having doubled overnight.

Please think long term, and for for the honor of the Green Party. It is no too late to make a public statement, and reclaim your moral high ground. You will probably get your millions of votes either way, but the potentially devastating social, environmental, and personal cost of those votes can still be mitigated.

History is watching you.


Kevin Matthews
Eugene, Oregon

====== Forwarded Message ======
Date: 11/6/00 2:47 AM
From: Kevin Matthews
To: Ralph Nader Campaign Communications

Ralph Nader
Nader 2000
PO Box 18002
Washington, DC 20036
202-265-0183 fax

Dear Ralph Nader and Campaign Staff,

Greetings. I believe you are familiar with the letter sent you by Carl Pope, Executive Director of The Sierra Club, in response to your letter of 2000.1020 addressed "To whom the earth concerns".

Over about the last week, the letter from Carl Pope has been endorsed by about 7000 more named individuals. They are the public signatories of a formal online petition to you, which is hereby presented to you online at:


The preamble of the petition reads as follows:

We, the undersigned, endorse the following letter to
Ralph Nader from Carl Pope, Executive Director of The
Sierra Club. Furthermore, we respectfully call upon
candidate Nader to cease and desist from campaigning in
swing states in the 2000 presidential election, for the
many reasons stated below.

The complete listing of petition signers, including many hundreds of eloquent and sincere individual comments, is live online, beginning at:


Please grant us the favor of acknowledging your receipt of this petition. As you can see from the petition comments themselves, this petition represents an enormous outpouring of sincere, passionate, and overall very thoughtful citizen expression. For the last several days, this has been the most active petition of more than 1000 currently running at PetitionOnline.com.

Please invest a few precious moments to browse some comments of the petition signers. Brought together over roughly the last week, through an entirely grassroots citizen effort, this is the voice of green thousands, who hold the same ideals as you.

The comments express great respect and support for you and your sterling achievements, Ralph Nader. The comments also express enormous concern over the irrevocable outcomes that could follow from splitting the progressive vote in this election, which could be instrumental in delivering the presidency George W. Bush. The comments make it clear, together with lessons of history, that a wholesome, sustainable Green Party will not be successfully built through the destructive tactics of electoral spoiling.

I implore you to hear this petition. Release your supporters today publicly, in specific key swing states, to vote for Al Gore. At a modest cost to yourself, you can save immense hardship for our environment and people. Whatever major party ultimately wins or loses this election, your gesture of true selfless patriotism would live forever.

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin Matthews
PO Box 1588
Eugene, Oregon

541-345-7421 office
541-345-7438 fax
541-953-1650 cell

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541-345-7421 vox, 541-345-7438 fax, P.O. Box 1588, Eugene, OR 97440
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