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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on November 07, 2000 at 09:24:54:

On 11/7/00 at 8:28 AM, MARNIEJEAN@aol.com wrote:

] The letter I got said Ralph agreed to relinquish votes if it reached 100,000.
] Is that true?
] Marnie Andrews

Dear Marnie et al.,

It is not true that I know of, unfortunately. As far as I know personally, any 'Nader promise' related to our 'Letter to nader' petition is just an unfounded rumor. Although, I haven't been able to read all of my hundreds of emails from yesterday yet!

So, what I'd _guess_ is that the source of this rumor could be a bit of wishful thinking, multiplied by a couple of easily imagined additional steps. Perhaps initially there was a) a small misunderstanding of an email I sent out to petition signers with public email addresses, in which I suggested 10,000 signatures as a goal to reach by Monday - a number I selected as one that _should_ get the attention of the Nader campaign. My suggested target could have been blurred into a promise, and then an extra zero could have been added somewhere downline, maybe just as a typo, as the email got forwarded, reworded, and personalized along the way.

BTW, I haven't yet actually seen the email message9s) suggesting a promise from Nader to act based on 100,000 signatures. But I've gotten several questions, so I'm sure it is out there. Could you forward a copy to me for reference? [Only one, please! ;-)]

Thanks and best wishes,


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