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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on November 08, 2000 at 18:14:29:

Dear Kate,

Good to hear from you. We delivered the petition with 7000 signatures on Sunday evening, and then again in the early hours of Tuesday morning with 14,000. On Monday afternoon, the petition was presented in a press conference in downtown Eugene by Greens for Gore (at a campaign event where our Governor Kitzhaber and our U.S. Representative Peter de Fazio were speaking, among others). As far as I know, the petition delivery hasn't been acknowledged, although I discussed it with Nader campaign staff along the way - after they contacted me - so I know they were aware of it.

As I see it the big success of the petition lies in helping galvanize positive feeling for progressives for speaking up for Gore, and in actually helping chaneg people's minds and votes. People have called us to tell about how they showed the petition to people who were torn about Nader, and found them swayed by the combination of the Carl Pope letter with all the eloquent petition comments. (In fact, we're credited with saving at least one family ;-)

And now we're into a whole new chapter of the "campaign"! Please take a look at our new petition to George W. Bush:

*** http://www.PetitionOnline.com/trust1/petition.html ***

Basically, the petition says since Florida is a tie (even though run by his brother!) Bush should ask the electoral college to go by the popular vote. But please read it, as there's a lot of detail. Once again, we have an amazing opportunity. Every signature we get on this petition will help create a climate for honorable instead of arbitrary resolution of a true democratic crisis.

There's no telling where things will go with the Florida recount, but if we can move quickly, we can help create a political opening for the Gore victory that the strong center/left majority in the US really, really deserves!

And at the very, very least, at least we get to say SOMETHING about it!

Best wishes again,

Kevin Matthews

On 11/8/00 at 6:29 PM, Kate Wall wrote:

] Dear Kevin Matthews,
] I was just wondering how many signatures wound up being collected before
] presenting them to Ralph (when I signed it, it was up to 9,100+ and a
] friend signed it at 12,000). Also, would like to know what Nader's response
] was (I ddint' hear anything in the "mass media" pertaining to this.
] Thanks.
] Kate
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