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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on November 13, 2000 at 12:26:28:

Dear Chris,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the "Trust The People" petition. I confess it's true, I generally do believe what I say, and say what I believe, to the best of my ability. (Wouldn't it be weird if a major politican did that?)

As for double standards, it was the Bush team that said _before_ Tuesday that if they lost the electoral college, but won the popular vote (at that time considered a more likely senario), they had a massive media campaign ready to go which they would launch to try to get the electoral college to switch. Now shoe other foot...

As for vote recounts, it could be that the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot. I guess time will tell on that. But getting an accurate count, which the card-reading machines can't quite do, seems like an issue of basic fairness. Did you know Seminole County in Florida, a Republican stronghold, quietly went ahead and did a hand count right away, before the weekend?

More to the point, who is going to court to try to stop recounts? What could they be afraid of?

Best wishes,


On 11/13/00 at 8:36 AM, Chris Rasco wrote:

] You actually believe everything you said in that didn't you? Why is it that
] Democrats in general have such a double standard. If the situation was
] reversed then the Democrats would be crying and whining about the recount. I
] think if anyone should concede it should be Algore. Algore has lost in TWO
] recounts of Florida. He very well may lose in other states that are
] currently doing recounts due to the Democrats request for recounts in
] Florida. I think that the Democratic party is shooting itself in the foot by
] wanting recounts.
] Sincerely,
] Chris Rasco

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