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Posted by  Andrew Barnert on November 16, 2000 at 16:27:03:

In Reply to:  Why should George W Bush be the one to concede? posted by Richard S Loveall on November 14, 2000 at 20:39:05:

I was looking around for some "liberals" in this election, and I couldn't find them.

Al Gore wants to increase the military more than his opponent, wants to slash welfare even farther, wants to pay down the national debt before using any of the surplus for public programs or tax cuts, wants to censor the Internet and make it easier for the government to tap any information they want... this doesn't fit any definition of "liberal" that I've ever read.

What about Lieberman? Well, his time in the Democratic Party leadership was dedicated to, in his words, taking the Party back from the liberals. "But he's a Jew, and all Jews are liberals!" Well, the Secretary of State in Davis's Confederate government was a Jew, and a Democrats, and certainly not a liberals.... And would you call Laura Schlesinger a liberal?

I can't see how the idea of a Gore/Lieberman administration would be any better than that of a Bush/Cheney administration. In fact, I'd rather Bush won, so a _real_ Democrat could run against him in four years.

And yet, I think it's pretty clear that Bush has lost, and cheating his way into office isn't going to help anyone here.


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