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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on November 29, 2000 at 18:10:14:


NEWS RELEASE: 18,000 Citizens Ask Bush to Concede

Eugene, Oregon: More than eighteen thousand Americans, including Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, have formally signed a letter of petition calling for George W. Bush to gracefully concede the 2000 Presidential election. The petition was first delivered to the Bush campaign electronically on Thursday morning, and it will be delivered again as signature totals increase.

The "Trust The People" petition represents the combined voice of thousands of U.S. citizens who feel largely unheard to date by the major media. They have been able to come together in the short time since the election using free Internet technology provided by PetitionOnline.com.

The actual "Trust The People" petition and signatures exist online at:


In summary, the petition states: 1) the vote in Florida is a moral tie, 2) Al Gore leads in the rest of the electoral college, and 3) Al Gore leads in the popular vote. Therefore the petition signers respectfully call upon George W. Bush to be a uniter, not a divider, to trust the people, not government technicalities, and to gracefully concede now.

"Thousands of signatures show this petition expresses the feelings and ideas of many Americans. It's a true grassroots phenomenon, neither sponsored nor assisted by any political party. 'Trust The People' is the voice of people, and it reached 10,000 signatures more quickly than any previous petition at the service," says petition author Kevin Matthews. "We are not getting tired of this election. We want the truth to be told, and we want all the votes to be counted -- at least once!"

The thousands of online signatures on the "Trust The People" petition include hundreds of eloquent individual comments from all across the country. Here are some example comments from a few recent signers:

"... Let the people speak. Lifelong Republican, not
anymore." -- David Lazerson, Fort Myers Beach, Florida,

"Your stand on manual recounts is absurd." -- John
Apen, Georgia, #14516.

"It is crucial that the will of the people be carried
out and that the final vote not be manipulated for a
particular result." -- Pamela J. Murdoch, Washington

"Registered Republican since 1971, now ashamed of it."
-- Evana M. Pelletier, New York, #14445.

"I note the Bush campaign's plans prior to the election,
as discussed in a November 1, 2000, New York Daily News
article, to mount an uprising in the event Mr. Bush won
the popular vote but lost the electoral vote to Al Gore.
According to that article, the Bush campaign viewed such
a situation as 'thwarting the will of the people.' If
Mr. Bush has the integrity and honesty he has claimed in
his campaign to have, and truly loves his country, as
any true statesman would do, he should step aside and
concede this election to Mr. Gore." -- Breck J.
Richardson, Jr., Virginia

"What are you afraid of? Let them count the votes."
-- James Deets, Texas, #14378.

A registered Democrat without party involvement, petition author Kevin Matthews is Editor in Chief of ArchitectureWeek, the new magazine of design and building. He's active in local land use and environmental issues in Eugene, Oregon, where he runs Artifice, Inc., a creative small software and Internet publishing company. In the fall of 1999, together with Mike Wheeler, lead technical staff at Artifice, he created the PetitionOnline.com system.

PetitionOnline.com provides free online hosting of public petitions for responsible public advocacy. Since late 1999, the free online service has hosted more than 2000 petitions and collected about 1,000,000 signatures, providing a collective voice for citizens on hundreds of different issues.


Kevin Matthews
Editor in Chief
P.O. Box 1588
Eugene, Oregon, 97440
541-345-7421 vox
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The "Trust The People" Petition to George W. Bush exists online at:


Petition signatures and comments are online at:


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