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Posted by  Stefan on November 29, 2000 at 19:07:23:

I have watched this forum for the last few weeks after my name was added (without my consent) to your ridiculus petition asking President Bush to concede the election, I have seen many post's on the republican end making good points, but most get no reply, what could be the reason for that? just like the election, you guys dont like what they are saying because it is the truth, and you have no legitimate way to argue except to say, Gore should be president, some of the people down in Florida where too dumb to know how to punch the hole next to his name so we should count those votes for Gore because that is what their intent "had" to be, Gore is a sore loser, you democrats on this list are sore losers and you dont answer any of our posts because you dont have any reasonable arguments to make in your or his defense.


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