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Posted by  Ross Regnart on November 30, 2000 at 09:48:49:


Why is the Republican Party so emphatic about claiming not to have intimidated a Florida government vote recount and/or civilian population?
Could it be the Republican group involved is worried they could be charged under the same broad terrorist laws which they themselves passed to prosecute others who would dare demonstrate for or against any Issue? see that broadly written law below:

When Do Demonstrators Become--Terrorists? The Anti--Terrorist Act of 1996 appears aimed at public dissent: The ACT contains language which can charge law--abiding citizens of being agents or affording support to terrorist organizations: Broadly written--intent to commit terrorist acts is defined: (Appeared To Be Intended Toward Violence or Activities Which Could Intimidate or Coerce a Civilian Population; or To Influence the Policy of a Government). (18USC Sec. 2331): Any picket line or demonstration, alleged by police to have blocked or obstructed public access, could qualify as (Terrorist Activities) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population: Terrorist charges make it possible for police to forfeit attending demonstrators’ homes used for meetings and the vehicles they used for transportation to the event. Concern: Police agencies may selectively charge a person or organization with either a low level offense, or terrorist offense, for the same illegal act: Example: A fist fight between union demonstrators and persons crossing a picket line, can be upgraded by police to charge union members with (Terrorist Activity). The 1996 Anti-Terrorist Act, broadly--redefined (Terrorist Acts as involving any violent act or acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or any state). The violent or physical act need not cause bodily harm: The Act can be used by police to target any group of persons--that would dare demonstrate for or against any issue.

Democrats may have the option to file Racketeering lawsuits against the Republican mob in Florida--alleged to have intimidated the Broward County recount.

by, Ross Regnart


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