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Posted by  Ray Wolfe on December 14, 2000 at 16:02:47:

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 15:01:20 -0800
From: Shava Nerad <--->
Subject: Fwd: [ykboo] 57 red flags

I make *no* claims to the substantiation of any of these stories, but
*geezus* look at the mounting evidence...

From: "Carolyn Gutman-Dey" <--->
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Subject: [ykboo] 57 red flags
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 10:42:55 -0000

This is from Znet...


57 Red Flags ­ Proof Bush Did Not Win the Popular Vote in Florida

Irregularities, strategic voting hindrances, illegal ballots,
intimidation, collusion, obstruction... Nice way to be a "uniter, not
a divider"!

What's going on? There are so many anomalies now that the probability
of simple coincidence or bad luck is dwindling down to nothing.

On Election Day, November 7, some strange things happened in Florida.

Let's put the puzzle pieces together.

Early Calls

1) Major pre-election polls had Gore leading in Florida the night of Nov. 6.

2) On Election Day, November 7, Voter News Service correctly predicted
through exit polls that matched with early results that Gore won the
state of Florida by a safe margin of 5%. At 7:53PM VNS issued the
bulletin: FLORIDA PRESIDENT RACE ­ GORE WINS. The networks immediately
called the state for Gore.

3) A mortified Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, shortly thereafter left
his family in Austin to make some calls. Then George W., after
consulting with his advisors including his brother Jeb, called
reporters to his hotel suite and told them the networks had made a
mistake in calling Florida. "I’m upbeat," he said. At 10:13PM the
networks recalled the state and put it back into the "too close to
call" column.

4) At 2:18 AM the networks began declaring George W. Bush the
president. They had done so after Fox News called Florida. Who made
the decision to incorrectly call Florida for Bush over at Fox, thereby
creating the lasting myth that Bush won? John Ellis, who also happens
to be George W. Bush’s first cousin.

Irregularities ­ Palm Beach County

5) An illegal ballot design (the infamous "butterfly ballot") confused
many residents of Palm Beach County into undervoting, overvoting, or
accidentally voting for Pat Buchanan. Regarding the spin about how it’
s because they are stupid old people: voters started complaining about
this at 7:05 AM on Election Day. DNC HQ calls were jammed due to the
high volume of calls. Rep. Robert Wexler, the local Congressional
Representative, received a deluge of calls, and on Election Day, even
VP Candidate Joseph Lieberman called the local office to see what was
going on down there. The elections supervisor issued a warning midway
through the day warning people of the confusion.

6) The odds that Palm Beach County residents voted for Buchanan rather
than Gore is approximately a trillion to one. Statistical models bear
this out when you compare them to the Buchanan vote in other counties.
Looking at any graph you see a huge, disproportionate spike in
Buchanan votes. Pat Buchanan himself agrees that the majority of these
votes were not cast for him. (http://www.bestbookmarks.com/election)

7) Many Palm Beach county voters who mis-voted but caught it
immediately and asked for another ballot were told they could not have
another ballot by poll workers, in violation of county rules. (NPR,

8) Socialist Party candidate David McReynolds received abnormally high
vote totals in Palm Beach County. His name appears directly below
Buchanan's name on the butterfly ballot, in a position that could
potentially draw erroneous votes from Democratic votes. McReynolds
received 302 votes in PBC. Statewide, in the other 66 counties, he
received 316 votes combined. McReynolds got virtually as many votes in
Palm Beach County as he did in the entire rest of the state of
Florida…nearly 50% of the statewide total!

9) After the handcounts were completed, after using a stricter
standard than neighboring Broward County, the deadline was missed by
an hour or two. Could the count have been delayed because of stall
tactics used by overzealous GOP observers?

Irregularities ­ Miami-Dade County

10) Miami-Dade has a recent history of election fraud. In 1998, Mayor
elect Xavier Suarez was stripped of his election victory by a Florida
appeals court, reinstating Joe Carollo as mayor of Miami, finding that
massive fraud had robbed him of victory at the polls four months
prior. A trial court judge had previously ruled that the election was
tainted by ``massive, well-conceived and well-orchestrated'' absentee
ballot fraud in which even a dead man voted.

11) The very same scandal-tainted Xavier Suarez currently sits on the
executive committee of the Miami-Dade Republican Party and was
specifically involved this year in helping to get out the Republican
vote. He admitted on November 8th that "he helped fill out absentee
ballot forms and enlist Republican absentee voters in Miami-Dade
County" (http://www.feedmag.com/templates/daily_master.php3?a_id=1389)

12) Despite tough rules put in place after the fraud-plagued Miami
mayoral election, rules designed to keep absentee ballots out of the
hands of campaign operatives, GOP workers obtained hundreds of them
from voters during their aggressive drive to increase turnout for
George W. Bush. An estimated 500 to 600 completed ballots were
collected by Bush volunteers or dropped off at campaign offices in
Little Havana, Westchester and Hialeah, according to GOP campaign
officials in charge of the absentee vote.

13) The Miami-Dade Canvassing Board decided to abruptly stop the hand
count after mobs of Republicans paid for by Bush and other GOP
operatives including that of House Majority Whip Tom DeLay stormed
their building. Rep. John Sweeney, R-N.Y., was one of the ringleaders
of the Miami fight against the recount, and after hearing the decision
to change a vote tally, Sweeney uttered a three-word order to his
troops: "Shut it down."

14) Gore gained 157 more votes than Bush in the partial hand recount,
which were not added to the tally by Florida Secretary of State
Katherine Harris.

Irregularities ­ Volusia County

15) On Election Night, a computer glitch showed a Socialist Party
candidate had more than 9,000 votes, while Vice President Al Gore had
minus 16,000. Those numbers were sent out over the Internet, picked up
by local newspapers and subsequently reported by major networks on
Election Night. The socialist eventually ended up with 9 votes in the

16) Then, during Wednesday's recount, a forgotten ballot bag emerged
from a county poll worker's trunk. Two days later, three other ballot
bags emerged later from the county vaults without their tamper-proof
seals intact.

Irregularites - Seminole County

17) 2,100 incomplete GOP absentee ballot requests were selectively
fixed/altered by GOP workers invited into election offices by the GOP
elections supervisor while similar Democratic absentee ballot requests
were rejected.

Irregularities ­ Broward County

18) Broward County elections officials are investigating the
possibility that a handful of voting machines malfunctioned Nov. 7,
now that the hand recount has been completed.

Irregularities ­ Duval County

19) A 40,000-vote error in the Duval count was one of two significant
miscalculations the Voter News Service made in Florida on November 7.

20) Many of the 27,000 presidential ballots in Duval County that were
disqualified were in predominantly black areas. Nearly 42 percent came
from four districts alone, ones that are overwhelmingly Democratic,
where voters there favored Gore by about 80%.

Irregularities ­ Hillsborough County

21) VNS Reported higher than usual numbers for Bush in six precincts
in the Tampa area which was one of the reasons they pulled the state
from Gore to the undecided column on Election Day. An exit poller said
that a sampling of six precincts in Tampa included "too many
Democrats". (St. Petersburg Times; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Nov 9, 2000)

Irregularities ­ Martin County

22) Martin County Supervisor of Elections Peggy S. Robbins allowed GOP
operatives to take flawed absentee ballot forms home and correct them.
Altering an absentee ballot application is a third-degree felony in

Irregularities ­ Nassau County

23) Predominately Republican Nassau County inexplicably decided to
report its original election returns rather than its recount tally to
the secretary of state for certification, thus stripping Vice
President Al Gore of 51 votes.

Irregularities ­ Bay County

24) A Bay County resident alleged the Republican Party of Florida used
"unlawful and heavy-handed actions" to encourage people to vote by
absentee ballot. The GOP apparently used the state seal, in violation
of state law, on letters urging voters to seek absentee ballots.
(http://www.newsherald.com/articles/2000/11/14/lo111400g.htm) (St.
Petersburg Times, Nov 30, 2000)

Irregularities ­ Escambia County

25) A forged absentee ballot may have been part of an broader
voter-fraud scheme.

Irregularities ­ Overseas Ballots

26) Some Florida residents serving at a U.S. Air Force base in England
received two absentee ballots for this year's presidential race.

Irregularities - Statewide

27) The distribution of archaic voting machines were in predominately
Democratic Counties. At least another 4,942 votes would have been
registered for Gore if the punch-card and mark-sense voting machines
had been randomly distributed throughout Florida.

28) When the first machine recount was completed on Nov. 9, there were
highly non-random corrections to the vote count for Gore, but just in
the counties which were already voting heavily for Gore. Graphs
showing this discrepancy indicate that there may have been an
undercount of the votes for Gore in those counties in the initial
machine count. The re-count corrections in the Republican show a nice
bell-shaped curve, which is what you would expect if the distribution
of corrections was random, which is expected if the original count was
strictly fair. The distribution of the corrections in the Democratic
is lop-sided on the right, indicating the magnitude of corrections
went heavily towards Gore. This is NOT what you would expect if the
corrections were due to random errors, and indicates some other factor
is involved which is not random (i.e. fraud).

29) Hand recounts, while denounced exaustively by the Bush campaign
and the GOP, were used in certain Republican counties that favored

30) A Miami Herald analysis suggests Gore would have won Florida by
23,000 were it not for statewide irregularities.

Voter Intimidation and Jim (Jeb) Crow

31) Black votes statewide have been disproportionally tossed, in some
county precincts in Duval County the ratio is as high as one in three.

32) A disproportionate number of rejected presidential votes in South
Florida came from African-American and Caribbean neighborhoods,
according to an analysis of election data from Broward, Miami-Dade and
Palm Beach Counties.

33) A disproportionate number of black votes were tossed in Glades
County. (http://home.netcom.com/~mecowan/glades.htm)

34) Registered black college students at Bethune-Cookman College in
Daytona Beach and Tallahassee's Florida A&M University said they were
turned away from the polls even though they had signed up in fall
registration drives.

35) In Leon County, highway patrol troopers set up an unauthorized
checkpoint near a polling place in the town of Woodville

36) Many black voters were inexplicably not on the voter lists at the
polling locations.

37) Many reports of voter intimidation surfaced in Hillsboro County.

38) The FBI has been investigating allegations that some voters,
primarily Haitians with limited or no English speaking or reading
ability, were duped into voting for Bush by misleading "palm cards"
that made them think they were voting for Gore.

39) In Miami, Haitian-Americans said they weren't given mandated
ballots in Creole, or were denied help from poll workers.

40) In Healdsburg County, police were stopping African American
voters, asking for ID’s and asking, "What are you doing here?"

41) Many were asked a litany of questions even though they were on the
voting rolls and had ID’s. The questions had to do with whether they
had been convicted of a felony, when was the last time they voted,
etc. Only African Americans appeared to be asked these questions.

42) Four ballot boxes in heavily black precincts were alleged to not
have been picked up.

43) A polling place was demolished without notice.

Racist and Hate Group Intimidation

44) Protesters have been infiltrated by Neo-Nazis, the KKK and other
hate groups. A major Neo-Nazi website encourages people to attend its
"No More Gore" rallies.

Other Intimidation

45) Several Democrats were punched, kicked and trampled by Republican
goons during the court-ordered Miami-Dade recount. Death threats and
other assaults have also occurred, specifically towards Rep. Robert
Wexler, and Palm Beach commissioner Carol Roberts. A certain website
also published the home phone numbers of the Florida Supreme Court
Justices, and one can assume the possibility of death threats may have
reached even to that level. (http://www.msnbc.com/news/494375.asp)

Cyber Jim Crow

46) Due to a "computer glitch", approximately 12,000 voters across the
state were mistakenly identified as having out-of-state felony
convictions, thereby making them ineligible to vote. Although 8,000 of
these so marked were able to fix the problem through an arduous
process of restoring their rights through the Florida Office of
Executive Clemency, 4,000 remained ineligible to vote by Election Day.
Those falsely marked as felons included a disproportionate number of
African Americans, more disproportionate than the standard ratio of
conviction rates between blacks and whites would allow.

47) The source of this so-called "glitch": Database Technologies, a
division of ChoicePoint; hired by Florida Secretary of State Katherine
Harris. Harris hired Database Technologies to identify people
registered in other counties, those who have died, or those who are
felons. In 1999 the FBI suspended their contract with DBT because of
suspected ties of the company founder to drug smugglers, despite the
fact that one year prior, a respected former DEA agent and
narcotrafficking specialist was hired as Vice President.

48) ChoicePoint’s founder, Rick Rozar, died from an accident in 1998.
According to Guardian Observer reporter Gregory Palast, he was "under
fire for misuse of personal data in state computers." ChoicePoint is a
very private firm with tight Republican ties.

49) The computer glitch that disenfranchised the 4,000 Floridians
stemmed largely from Texas state records that erroneously included
people with misdemeanors as having felonies.


50) The Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, is George W. Bush’s brother.

51) Katherine Harris, Florida's Secretary of State and the person in
charge of certifying Florida's electors, was George W. Bush's Florida
co-chairwoman as far back as October 1999.

52) George W. Bush is son of the former President who was head of the
CIA. The CIA has experience in overturning elections and pulling off
coup d’etats in third-world countries.

Scorched Earth and Other Endgames

53) Despite the fact that Gore most likely won, if he succeeds is any
of his legal battles and wins the popular vote in Florida, the Florida
Legislature may decide to ignore this fact and railroad through their
own set of Republican electors, in violation of the will of the voters
and perhaps the will of the State Supreme Court of Florida.

54) If this fails, Republicans on Capitol Hill, led by House whip Tom
DeLay will initiate what he calls a "doomsday scenario" whereby they
would attempt to reject Florida’s electoral votes if they feel it is
tainted (i.e. belonging to Gore), in violation of the will of the
voters in Florida and the rest of the country. Some Republicans have
even called for a boycott of the Inauguration should Gore prevail, in
an apparent scorched-earth policy aimed at crippling the Presidency
right from day one.

Relevant Character Issues (Aside from the Obvious Ones)

55) Bush won’t accept defeat. "…Even if he loses, his friends say, he
doesn't lose. He'll just change the score, or change the rules, or
make his opponent play until he can beat him…" as reported in Gail
Sheehy's "The Accidental Candidate" in the October 2000 issue of
Vanity Fair. (http://gailsheehy.com/Politics/politicsindex_bush3.html)

Doomed Anyways

56) Al Gore was character assassinated by a powerful Bush campaign
opposition machine which utilized a database of every public utterance
in Gore's 26 years in public service with which to twist every
variance and use it to tarnish him as duplicitous and untrustworthy.
Opposition research has never been used to this magnitude before.

Vendetta, Inc.

57) In many respects this whole election is about payback for a hatred
for Clinton (and by proxy, Gore) and what they have done to the "Bush
stocks". The corporate power players abide and abet, because they are
delighted at the prospect of grand-scale deregulation of business,
services and industry, ‘bringing the business special interests into
politics so they can take over the regulatory bodies of government and
regulate themselves'.

Something is Rotten in the State of Florida.


For the advanced conspiracy theorist, or for someone who wants






To all of you who have sent me your comments via email, thank you. I
am working diligently to put together several additions, new things
that have come to light since I put the site up Friday; and also to
fix some typos and dead links. I hope to respond to your individual
emails in due course. Emails have been flooding in from all around the
country, and overseas as well! I am also trying to get a new host (one
without banners) so hopefully this site will look halfway decent.
Thank you guys for your patience and your support! Check back very

Your host,

Chris aka BushNeverWon@aol.com

12/13/00 10am PST


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