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Posted by  Rob Zako on December 18, 2000 at 23:38:01:

Dear Friends,

LandWatch Lane County is asking for help with a demonstration this
Wednesday morning...

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Date: 12/18/00 9:58 PM
From: Rich Fairbanks, fairbank@epud.net


Most folks know about the recent embezzlement from the Lane County Land
Management Division. A lot of folks dont know that:

1) LandWatch and others have asked the County Commissioners to
investigate this and other unusual circumstances at the LMD.

2) Land Watch has asked both publicly and privately for the Register
Guard to investigate.

3) Several sources have reported that far more money is missing than
originally reported.

4) Some of us believe that the atmosphere at LMD is not conducive to
doing the people's business and that this is in part responsible for
recent events.

5) On-demand rezones, migrating lot lines, and the Fire Road fiasco
have given rise to questions about LMD's ability to do its job
impartially, free from the influence of developers and real estate

We want the County Planning Department investigated.

Please join our demonstration when we will ask the County Commission to

Southwest Corner of 8th at Oak street (right outside Harris Hall)

Thank you
Rich Fairbanks
LandWatch Lane County
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