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Posted by  Martin Sall on December 24, 2000 at 14:25:49:

Exceptionally important that we not lose focus, as John Ashcroft is a clear
and present danger to the rights of so many Americans, and the largest victory
for religious extremists like Robertson, Dobson & Falwell who'd control him
like a puppet on strings.

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> As BuzzFlash said John Ashcroft is a clear and present danger to our civil
> liberties. Here is a Reuters article that details just one of Ashcroft's
> far right ideology:
> WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The National Association for the Advancement of
> Colored People said on Saturday it will oppose President-elect George W.
> Bush (news - web sites)'s nominee for attorney general, outgoing senator
> John Ashcroft, because of his positions on civil rights and affirmative
> action.
> ``It is outrageous for President-elect Bush to select someone who has
> consistently opposed civil rights and affirmative action to be responsible
> for enforcing the nation's laws,'' NAACP President Kweisi Mfume said in a
> statement.
> He said Ashcroft blocked President Clinton (news - web sites)'s nomination
> to a federal district court of Missouri Supreme Court Justice Ronnie
> White, the first black to serve on the state's highest court, and voted
> against hate crimes legislation...
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