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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on January 08, 2001 at 19:39:22:

Southeast Neighbors Board Meeting - January 2001

7:00PM-9:00PM Tuesday, January 9

at the Spencer Butte Middle School

Meeting Agenda

7:05PM - Review Agenda

- Additions and Corrections

7:15PM - Information (Announcements)

- Comments from Visitors
- Other Announcements
- Capital Improvement Project List Public Hearing
Planning Commssion:
Study Session - Jan. 16, 5:30pm McNutt Room
Public Hearing - Jan. 16, 6:30pm Council Chamber

7:30PM - Discussion of West Amazon Traffic Issues

- City of Eugene Staff, TBA

8:00PM - Action (Business)

- Review Minutes of December Meeting
- Editor's Report on January Newsletter (Bob Rosen)
- Final Planning for February General Meeting
Agenda: 1) City Presentation
Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan
2) Neigborhood Issues Roundtable Discussion
Planning Details
- Publicity
- Refreshments
- AV Equipment
- Other Panelists?

- New Business?

- Agenda Items for March

8:50PM - Adjourn

Next Southeast Neighbors General Meeting -- February 13, 2001
Next Southeast Neighbors Board Meeting -- March 13, 2001

at Spencer Butte Middle School

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