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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on March 20, 2001 at 15:30:05:

Dear Kent,

We are very glad the Leatherwood applicant David Reynolds has agreed to a two week extension of time to comment on the application, so our comments are now due on Monday, April 2, 2001.

Here is a short list of specific things the neighborhood would like to see clearly depicted on the new grading plan:

- Corrected roadway width to reflect 17' road + 3' sidewalk

- Corrected typical road section to reflect geotechnical report finding for 2:1 slope for permanent cuts and 3:1 slope for permanent fills

- Delineation of actual extents of permanent cuts

- Delineation of actual extents of permanent fills

- Delineation of where retaining walls will be used instead of permanent cuts and fills. The retaining wall heights should be indicted.

- Contours showing final grading.

- Delineation of end of roadway at completion of Phase One.

- Indication of maximum slope within each parking area.

- Review and correction to tree preservation plan, to account for trees that may be saved or lost as a result of the updated grading plan and any other updates to the development proposal.

- Any area of adjacent tax lots which would be protected as part of this development proposal.

We will look forward to receiving this new information.

Best wishes,

Kevin Matthews
Southeast Neighbors

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