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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on March 21, 2001 at 17:45:14:

Dear Eric,

Thanks for your note -- this is good news.

A remaining question is where we stand in terms of getting higher-resolution maps, with or without "legislative format" inddications of NRS site updates. The important of these maps as part of the public information needed for informed comment was discussed at the Joint Planning Commission hearing, as I'm sure you recall. My impression was that by now we'd be getting at least the divisional maps at a resolution showing the tax lot outlines.

The maps at:


are really not adequate to understand the boundaries of a site like E37, for instance.

Do you need more input from us to produce the appropriate maps? When do you think those will be available? Or perhaps they are already out there, somewhere I'm not seeing?

Thanks much,


On 3/21/01 at 4:25 PM, WOLD Eric N wrote:

] Citizen Nature Project Leaders:
] The web site for the Metro NR Study has been substantially updated. Included
] in this update are:
] * The date and location for an upcoming Public Information Session.
] * The date and location of another Joint Planning Commission meeting
] (work session followed by public comment session).
] * Information on where people can locate hard copies of the Draft NR
] Inventory and Significance Criteria.
] Here is the web link:
] http://www.ci.eugene.or.us/NRS/Default.htm
] There will be a flyer mailed to all property owners and interested parties
] announcing the upcoming meetings in the near future.
] -- Eric
] Eric N. Wold
] Associate Planner, Natural Resources Specialist
] City of Eugene Planning Division
] 99 West 10th Avenue
] Eugene, OR 97401
] Phone: (541) 682-8408
] Fax: (541) 682-5572
] Email: Eric.N.Wold@ci.eugene.or.us

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