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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on April 23, 2001 at 17:58:50:

Dear John,

Thank you for the heads up on this. Wow! I had heard rumors of such a developer ploy, but not a specific date.

I am sure there are several legal reasons for rejecting such a cynical permit request. Here are a few categories just to start with: There are the immediate permit conditions. Then under the South Hills Study, the City is legally required to protect this property, with its important linkage to the Ridgeline Park system. The open waterway interim setbacks protect at least strips through the landscape. Under the state Goal Five requirements, there may be liability for having failed to complete the inventory of this site by now. And under federal law, there are additional controls and responsibilities.

Let's focus on sifting out the key issues and helping the City understand them right now, while there is still a critical natural resource area there, with rare and threatened species to protect -- so we don't end up just fighting over money damages later on!

The firm and overwhelming position of the Southeast Neighbors against such a tactical destruction of a crucial future park site is crystal clear, so I'll be working on this, for one. Any and all helpful input will be appreciated!

Best wishes,

Kevin Matthews
Southeast Neighbors

On 4/23/01 at 3:21 PM, John Koenig wrote:

] Hi Folks,
] I just received word this afternoon(Monday, April 23) from Trevor Taylor,
] City of Eugene Natural Resources Operations Coordinator, that the Beverly's
] have scheduled a meeting with the City for this Wednesday, 25 April to
] discuss obtaining a permit to remove all vegetation, brush and trees less
] then 8" in diameter from their property in the Amazon headwaters. It appears
] that the City may not have any legal reason to deny this permit, according
] to Trevor, in spite of issues revolving around increased water runoff and
] flooding downstream, increased sedimentation in the Amazon, destruction of
] rare plant sites and wildlife habitat and damage to the viewshed.
] Does anyone know the status of negotiations between the City and the
] Beverly's for purchase of the headwaters as a city park? It appears that
] negotiations are dead or at a standstill if the Beverly's are applying for a
] development permit. Any way this can be moved back on track? Any ideas
] anyone? Also, any other good arguments for denying them a brushing/clearing
] permit? Awhile back it appeared that we had City Councilor's talking about
] moving forward on the acquisition and exploring various funding
] sources...are they following up on this? Also, I along with others had
] letters published in the RG regarding acquiring the Amazon Headwaters as a
] city park or natural area. We had momentum on the issue.
] If the City does issue a permit, Trevor wanted to know if the Southeast
] Neighborhood Association would be interested in providing volunteers to help
] salvage rare and native plants from the site prior to clearing. These would
] be used at other City restoration projects. You may respond directly to
] Trevor at .
] Thanks in advance for any help. Looks like we will need to act quickly on
] this one. Once the area has been stripped of all its undergrowth, its value
] as a park takes a nosedive.
] -John Koenig

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