Message - Ridgeline Trail Alignment in Southeast Eugene
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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on April 26, 2001 at 02:44:47:

1. SEN Board Ridgeline Trail alignment proposal (black line and dots), 2. Existing alignment on Spring Boulevard (light gray), 3. City Parks Planning alignment proposal (dark gray dots), 4. Headwaters streams (blue lines cross trail), 5. Natural resource areas (light orange cloud shapes), 6. Property lines (fine gray lines).


The specific trail alignments shown are a conceptual sketch, for purposes of design and discussion only. They are neither specific nor accurate with regard to particular properties or tax lots.

It is the intention of Southeast Neighbors to work cooperatively with neighbors, homeowners, landlords, developers, and environmental scientists, to extensively adjust the proposed conceptual trail routing to minimize impacts while maximizing quality.

— KMM, 2001.0503


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