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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on April 27, 2001 at 21:36:23:


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Date: 4/27/01 9:08 PM
Received: 4/27/01 9:08 PM
From: Rob Zako
To: Kevin Matthews

Dear Mitzi and Kevin,


There is no meeting on May 9 re the West Eugene Parkway (WEP) nor more
generally about traffic problems in west Eugene. Such a meeting will be
schedule later in May or June.


After seeing Mitzi's notice about a May 9 meeting re the WEP, I contacted
the City Manager's Office to learn more. They knew nothing about the
meeting, but referred me to Dave Reinhard, 682-5233, lead staff person
for the WEP.

I spoke to Dave this afternoon and he clarified that the only meeting on
May 9 is the regular monthly meeting of the Oregon Transportation
Commission (OTC) in Salem. Staff had thought that there would be an
opportunity for staff, the mayor and some councilors to go to Salem to
lobby to hold the $17 million allocated to Unit 1-A of the WEP. This May
9 meeting was listed in the agenda item summary for the April 23 Eugene
City Council work session on the WEP. As it turns out, the WEP is not
currently on the agenda and staff will not go to the OTC meeting unless
the WEP is added to the agenda. See:


As for some sort of meeting with ODOT, Eugene City Councilors, Lane
County Commissioners, planners and other stakeholders -- a charrette --
ODOT is looking to set this up sometime in the next two months. I
understand this will most likely be an all-day event on a Saturday. I
presume that representatives of west Eugene neighborhoods will be invited
to participate in this charrette.

Note that Friends of Eugene was instrumental in suggesting a possible way
out of the impass over the WEP and in helping to bring key stakeholders
-- notably ODOT -- to the table. We met with state senators, city
councilors and the mayor to help get this more constructive approach to
the WEP started. If you are interested in more details, please contact
Dave Reinhard or me.

Rob Zako
President, Friends of Eugene

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Date: 4/25/01 1:02 PM
From: marlene colbath To: eugene-nlc@efn.org

For those of you who are interested in what transportation might look
like in the future in west Eugene, the meeting date for the joint meeting
with ODOT, Commissioners, 4 Councilors, and other planners etc. is May
9th. Call for more info from city hall, but the councilors definitely
want as much input to the process as possible from the council discussion
the other night.
Mitzi Colbath

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