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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on May 01, 2001 at 16:53:16:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Amazon Headwaters need your help today!

Although we successfully stopped the Beverly's development proposal months ago, now they have created a new threat. They have announced an intention to "clear brush" on the South Park property with heavy equipment. Since "brush" can apparently include anything with a trunk under 8" in diameter, according to City regulations, this pointless assault could cause terrible damage to the headwaters landscape.

The best way to stop this immediate threat is also the way to solve the South Park problem for good. It is time for the City to acquire this critical link in the Amazon watershed.


Please write to the Eugene City Council today to express your sense of the importance and urgency of purchasing the South Park property.

The City already has more than enough money allocated in park acquisition funds to purchase the whole South Park property. But because of competing priorities all across town, they only plan to buy a few small strips along the South Park waterways. The Council may not be moving quickly enough even to protect those thin strips -- but thin strips are not enough!

Key members of the City Council need to hear from us now.

Councilor Betty Taylor is already taking a leadership role in protecting the headwaters. Councilor Bonny Bettman has pledged her support. The swing votes on this issue are Councilor David Kelly, who is fairly supportive, but has not made his position clear regarding protection of the whole property, and Councilors Scott Meisner and Gary Rayor.

Every citizen voice counts on this issue. But it is ESPECIALLY VALUABLE for Kelly, Rayor, Meisner, and even Bettman to hear from residents in each of their own wards that protecting the Amazon Headwaters is a priority for all of Eugene, not just for the Southeast Neighbors. We need five votes to save the Headwaters!

The misleading idea that the South Hills already have more than their share of park land is probably the single biggest hurdle we have to overcome to save the headwaters now. The Amazon Headwaters are a key natural resource for the whole community, just as much as the West Eugene Wetlands, the Spencer Butte Park, and the great rivers themselves. The strongest way to get the council over such divisive thinking is a clear show of support from across the whole community.


Copied below is an example letter, which was sent today by Eben Fodor to City officials.

1) ASK YOUR CITY COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE to vote for and support, and ask the City Manager to work for immediate protection for the threatened Beverly property in the heart of the Amazon Headwaters. Please email or call ASAP. Copy your email to "nature@natureproject.org" if you'd like to share your comments.

CITY CONTACTS (*'s indicate urgency of contact on headwaters issue)

*** David Kelly <David.S.Kelly@ci.eugene.or.us>
*** Gary Rayor <Gary.E.Rayor@ci.eugene.or.us>
*** Scott Meisner <Scott.Meisner@ci.eugene.or.us>
*** Jim Johnson, City Manager <Jim.R.JOHNSON@ci.eugene.or.us>
** Nancy Nathason <Nancy.L.Nathanson@ci.eugene.or.us>
** Gary Pape <Gary.D.Pape@ci.eugene.or.us>
** Pat Farr <Pat.M.Farr@ci.eugene.or.us>
** Bonny Bettman <Bonny.S.Bettman@ci.eugene.or.us>
* Betty Taylor <Betty.L.Taylor@ci.eugene.or.us>
* Jim Torrey, Mayor <Jim.D.Torrey@ci.eugene.or.us>
All at once email -- Eugene Mayor & City Council <mayorandcc@ci.eugene.or.us>

2) PLEASE ASK YOUR FRIENDS in other wards of Eugene to write immediately to their own City Councilor.

3) STAY TUNED for further breaking news as we work together to save green Eugene.

Thanks and best wishes,

Kevin Matthews
Citizens Nature Project

- * - Please Forward to Any Interested Supporters - * -

PS: I apologize sincerely for any duplicate copies you may receive of this message. Because of the urgency of this issue, the message is going to several email lists which may have overlaps.

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====== Forwarded Message ======
Date: 5/1/01 10:48 AM
Received: 5/1/01 10:44 AM
From: Eben Fodor
To: Jim Johnson <Jim.R.JOHNSON@ci.eugene.or.us>

Dear City Councilor,

The Beverlys have proposed a "brush clearing" action on their Amazon
Headwaters property which will destroy many of land's natural values. As
you know, their PUD application was denied last year, but development is
inevitable, if the land is not acquired for public use and protection.

The planned brush clearing will result in the destruction of most of the
significant vegetation on the site, including threatened Aster Vialis.

The city needs to quickly take concrete steps towards land acquisition. If
such action takes place, the Beverlys may be willing to postpone any site
work. Councilor Betty Taylor has said she will move to put the topic on the
Council's agenda. Please support her motion and help us by giving this
matter a high priority. We know how full your agenda is, but this is a
window of opportunity that could shut in a matter of weeks.

City Staff have already been working on various plans to acquire portions of
this 25-acre property. While these plans may only involve stream corridors
and wetlands, this is a significant start. However, we want the entire
parcel acquired for many good reasons such as adequate protection of the
watershed values, water quality, stormwater control, wetlands, wildlife
habitat, and to provide recreational connections to our regional park

The city needs to do the following right away:
- initiate negotiations with the property owners to identify possible sale
- identify all possible sources of funding.
- identify potential payment terms and mechanisms.

Then, the city needs to act on this information quickly.

Please help us now to protect the Amazon Headwaters for all future
generation of Eugeneans to cherish and enjoy.


Eben Fodor
Member, Save Amazon Headwaters Committee

394 East 32nd Avenue
Eugene, OR 97405

====== End Forwarded Message ======

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