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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on May 08, 2001 at 10:14:20:

Dear Rob,

Yes, it really is all connected, and it is a true pleasure to see the pieces fitting together.

BTW, I was just reading last night a nice little essay in Nature (April 26 2001, p1031) on the invention of the word "scientist", by William Whewell in England, inspired by Mary Somerville. The word "scientist" first appeared in 1834 in his review of her book "On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences". They were both great proponents of the connectedness of science through all its branches, but had not had a word in English yet to designate the "students of the knowledge of the natural world collectively".

I'm not up to speed at all on the Jasper Road Extension, including just where it lies on the map. One loophole to watch for (perhapss not everyone enjoys seeing it all thoughtfully connected?) is that virtually everything outside the UGB is slated for "safe harbor" treatment under the MNRS. That little term, from the state Goal 5 provisions, seems to mean in theory that each site will get a comprehensive natural resource analysis when proposed for development. In local practice it can all to easily mean that each "safe harbor" site gets picked off and developed with only pro-forma natural resource review.

To the extent the Jasper Road extension lies within the UGB, the immediate linkage with the MNRS is make sure any and all natural resource areas it affects are in the draft inventory. Go here to get the relevant higher-resolution map of the draft NRS inventory for southeast Springfield:


Public comment on these maps occurs TONIGHT at 6:30PM at the Eugene City Council Chambers, before the Joint Planning Commssions. Written comments are due Friday at 5:00PM.

To the extent the Jasper Road extension lies outside the UGB, there may be some leverage available through daylighting the safe harbor analysis, making sure it is rigourous and complete. Is there any local history of this? To date the Citizens Nature Project has mostly looked inside the UGB, since the safe harbor sites are not even being mapped, but it is an area of great concern and interest to us. Maybe LandWatch already has experience with this?

Hope the outline helps a little at least.

Best wishes,


On 5/8/01 at 8:55 AM, Rob Zako wrote:

] Dear Kevin, Mary and Nathan,
] "Eventually all things merge into one, and a [Willamette] River runs
] through it." (Norman Maclean)
] The LandWatch Land County agenda for Wednesday includes an item on the
] Jasper Road Extension (road project) outside of Springfield. This issue
] connects with FoE's work on TransPlan, and Lauri Segal suggests it also
] connects with the Metropolitan Natural Resource Study (about which I know
] very little).
] Has the Citizen's Nature Project done anything related to the Jasper Road
] Extension portion of the metro Eugene-Springfield area?
] Any light you can share on Lauri's comments would be appreciated.
] Thanks,
] Rob
] P.S. Isn't it nice to be reminded that things *are* connected and that
] the seemingly separate issues we all work on our pieces of the whole?
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] Rob, Rich, Nena, Bob -
] [snip]
] by the way, there is a public meeting tonight on the subject of the
] adoption
] of the significance criteria for the Metropolitan Natural Resource Study
] (public part is at 6 PM at Eugene City Council Chambers I believe, but I
] could confirm if anyone wants further info). I believe that once the sig.
] criteria are adopted, it would be difficult if not impossible to have
] influence on changes to the inventory. We need to know what, if any part
] of the Jasper Road site is included in the NR Inventory. Have any of you
] visited the Metro NR Study Site recently? I know that there is a lot of
] information on line now, including site inventory information that could
] be
] of interest in the case of the Jasper Rd site -
] Input/ideas/other? Thank you.
] Lauri
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] Subject: Re: Jasper Road Extension
] > On 5/6/01 6:10 PM, Bob Emmons wrote:
] >
] > >Jasper Road Extension:
] > >Bob mentioned the proposed Jasper Road extension that, if built, will
] > >unleash a flood of sprawl southeast of Springfield. The project will
] > >also destroy wetlands. Citizens for Public Accountabililty (CPA) is
] > >concerned about this project as well. Bob will talk with CPA about
] > >strategy to deal with it.
] >
] >
] >
] > Dear LandWatch Friends,
] >
] > LandWatch and FoE should put our heads together and compare notes on the
] > Jasper Road Extension.
] >
] > Here's what I know (and what you may already know):
] >
] > The Jasper Road Extension is a programmed project in TransPlan: Main
] > Street to Jasper Road, consruct 4-lane arterial, under the jurisdiction
] > of Lane County, $10.4 million, 3.2 miles, project #66. "Programmed" means
] > that the money to proceed is essentially in hand.
] >
] > Meanwhile, the Lane Council of Governments -- who are getting impatient
] > with Eugene, Springfield, Lane County and LTD taking too long to adopt
] > TransPlan -- have decided that they will adopt TransPlan on their own on
] > June 28. The primary reason for LCOG doing so is that the failure to
] > adopt TransPlan is starting to put some projects in jeopardy. These
] > include:
] >
] > * BRT
] >
] > * Beltline/I-5 interchange
] >
] > * Jasper Road Extension. LCOG staff writes: "Lane County is currently
] > preparing to put this project out for bid. prior to proceeding with
] > construction, a project-level air quality conformity analysis is
] > required. Approval of this conformity could be delayed without an adopted
] > TransPlan."
] >
] > If the Jasper Road Extension is important to you, I suggest that you
] > might want to come to the Metropolitan Policy Committee meeting and speak
] > for 3 minutes during the public comment period at the beginning. Part of
] > this MPC meeting is devoted to discussing *LCOG* adopting TransPlan,
] > hence paving the way (pun intended) for the Jasper Road Extension:
] >
] > THURSDAY, MAY 10, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
] > LTD Board Room, LTD Administrative Offices
] > 3500 East 17th Ave., Glenwood (off Glenwood Blvd. in Glenwoord)
] >
] > Thanks,
] > Rob
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