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Posted by  Aaron Banks on May 11, 2001 at 17:21:29:

In Reply to:  HOW THE BUSH STOLE THE ELECTION posted by James Altman on December 12, 2000 at 09:15:57:

You're thing is incorrect. It should be how GORE ALMOST stole the Election! The Democratic Party was reported to have given homeless people cigarretts in return for them voting for Gore. THAT'S ILLEGAL!!! Gore LOST 4 RECOUNTS IN A ROW INCLUDING THE CHADS!!! And he KNEW about it! Frankly I think somebody must have talked him out of the Election because I don't think he would have given up that easily. He was going down and he took the country DOWN with him! When Christmas came...it didn't feel like it. Because of the scars the Election left. Gore LOST on Election NIGHT and conceeded. Only a half an hour later did he re-enter the race and then he got greedy. Thankfully I think he's learned his lesson because he looks really good as a proffesor right now. Gore is a great man, but dragging us in like that was NOT RIGHT! I may be a Republican but when Clinton won in 1996 I didn't go RAVING like a savage monkey! (I'm not calling you savage monkeys!) As a matter of fact when Clinton won I was VERY HAPPY. To tell you the truth if I was old enough to vote back in 96' I would have voted for Clinton even though I was and am a Republican. If Gore won I would have been very happy for him too. So if a so called "Snott nosed stitchy Republican" like me can except Gore like that...WHY WON'T YOU ACCEPT BUSH!?!?!?!? I am getting SICK AND TIRED of reading all of these stories of Democrats QUITING THEIR JOBS SO THAT THEY COULD GO AND PROTEST IN FRONT OF THE WHITE HOUSE UNTIL quote "Till Gore is President I won't work nor rest" You upset me when you guys do that! I love Democrats I think you're cool. But when you go and drag us down...you drag everybody down! LIVE WITH WHO'S IN THAT 200 YEAR OLD HOUSE!!!!!! I don't think Bush is STUPID......he's just slow of speech. Wouldn't you be nervous if you had ALL THOSE CAMERAS IN YOUR FACE. I shuttered when I had to give a memorized speech in my Japanese class today! As I did I was thinking..."Hum...what do know...I'm Bush" The Bush tax cut will effect EVERYBODY!!! NOT JUST THE STIKIN' RICH!!! Everybody gets about $1600 depending on how much taxes they paid. And believe me we've paid a HECK OF A LOT OF TAXES we'll be getting PLENTY BACK! If Bush's Plan is for the Rich ONLY then he'll EASILY GET CAUGHT! And it's just plain REDICULOUS! (I know I spelled that wrong) I remember a time when everybody hated taxes. Now people WANT TAXES JUST BECAUSE THEY HATE THE PERSON PROMOTING IT!? Bush isn't racist either. Racist people SAY they are racist and that they are PROUD OF IT! And racist people are such JERKS OVER IT! Bush has many African Americans, Mexican, and I heard even and Indian. Where's the racial profile there? This tax cut will HELP the economy more than it will hurt it. The ones we're hurting is Uncle Sam. WE'RE GETTING BACK AT UNCLE SAM we've always wanted to do that! I believe that it goes like this. "Here come George "Robin Hood" Bush giving the money back to the people, then all of a sudden the Liberals shout out "Hey look it's the Sheriff of Nottingham!" And all of a sudden the people believe the Democrats only and they beat up George "Robin Hood" Bush" Dick Cheney DOES NOT RUN THE COUNTRY! He runs Congress! That's it! When Bush needs help the first person he'd ask for help would be his administration or even his wife! Cheney would probably come last. Every President makes mistakes. Bush will have his BIG mistake someday and it's NOT that he's in the White House. But he'll also have his big WINS. Just be open minded. During the Election mess I didn't automaticly take sides with Bush I was open minded to whoever was getting all of the recounts. Just be open minded.


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