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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on May 14, 2001 at 13:34:09:

*** Save the Amazon Headwaters! ***

*** Please help TONIGHT for about one hour ***

Around 6:30PM this evening, Monday, 14 May 2001, the Eugene City Council is scheduled to discuss and possibly DECIDE on acquisition of some or all of the 25 acre Beverly property, location of the proposed South Park development which we recently blocked.

This is the most threatened and important large piece left of the Amazon Headwaters, which we have been fighting so hard to save. Acquisition for park by the City is what we've been working for!

My best read is the Eugene City Council is still on the fence on this issue. Betty Taylor is all for protecting the whole property now, but she needs our citizen support. The City Council overall may be leaning toward buying only ribbons along the stream corridors. That would be better than nothing - much better - but it would FAIL to actually save and protect the key connecting link in the Amazon headwaters.

The City Council work session meeting is held in the Mc Nutt Room at City Hall, just northwest of the counci chamber itself. The work session starts at 5:30pm, and the Headwaters item is the fourth one on their agenda. It would be best to get there _before_ 6:30PM.

The public can't talk during a City Council work session. But it really makes a difference if key prople are there to bear witness. MOREOVER, if 30 or 40 citizens show up and pack the McNutt Room, then the City Council will instantly get the message of how much people care about this issue.

The Work session normally ends around 7:30PM, so just an hour of being there will help enormously.

Background Note:

The Register Guard had a nice article on Thursday about City acquisition of a 54 acre parcel along the Ridgeline in our Southeast Hills:


A subtitle in the printed version of the article has caused some confusion, giving an accidental imporession to some that the Beverly property was being protected.

The 54 acre property which was just bought by the City is a DIFFERENT piece of greeen space. Up on the ridge, it is another one important to protect, and it is great to have it now be park. But that property was not so developable as the Beverly property. And being high up on the ridge, it does represent the very beginnings of the headwaters, but perhaps not such a vital connecting link as the Beverly's 25 acres.

If you can spare an hour tonight, please come to the McNutt Room at City Hall. This could be one of the pivotal moments.

Best wishes,

Kevin Matthews
Southeast Neighbors

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