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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on May 15, 2001 at 14:45:11:

Dear Tom,

Well put. The us/them issues surely need to be surmounted.

Don't know if you also saw the public comment session at the subsequent City Council meeting, but some of us spoke up there for saving the Beverly land. Basically I tried to say, good, that's another piece saved, thank you very much -- now please just keep the remaining Beverly property on the list for ongoing consideration, along with the other priority sites.

It's a great idea to take another step ourselves, to look at all the nine sites, and then build a coalition around the collective preservation of all that are similarly worthy. Makes it a bigger tasks, but with an approach that gets around our biggest roadblock -- geographic parochialism on the part of the flatlanders.

So let's do it!

Best wishes,


On 5/15/01 at 1:22 PM, Thomas Daniel Halferty wrote:

] Eben, Sally, Margaret, Kevin, Jim, Emily, Deborah, David, Bob, and John;
] I watched the work session on the Amazon Headwaters on cable 11
] last night. I taped it. (If anyone wants to borrow it, let me know.)
] Even though the council defeated the motion by Betty Tailor to get
] the staff to look at ways of purchasing the whole site, there was support
] for the need for it and other natural places to be saved. Les Lyle
] suggested public-private purchase options. Even Nancy Nathanson and Ed
] Pape thought that this open space needed to be saved, they just did not
] want to see it as having a higher priority over other stream corridor and
] ridgeline aquisitions. I think the motion would have passed (to get staff
] to investigate creative purchasing options) if all nine sites would have
] been included.
] The problem I see is the perception of the purchase of the Bs
] property as being just a southeast hills thing. The argument by Betty was
] excellent that "just as the Willamette River corridor belongs to all
] Eugene, so does the ridgeline." But, the concern expressed by Nancy that
] all the land along the ridge in the southwest is being developed, and her
] desire to see a corridor along there saved, is valid. The objection from
] the council, I think, was to setting one site as more important than the
] others. How about we be inclusive. Let's agree to the list of sites that
] need saving, come up with public/private partnerships for funding, and
] start saving 'em. Arguing over which one has the highest priority just
] gives more time to the developers.
] Tom

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