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Posted by  susan c wolling on May 15, 2001 at 15:52:21:

Glenn, (I guess it's "Dr. Keiper", to me),
I, too, greatly appreciate your writing this letter. I signed it
in the ICU at Sacred Heart, where Shy Kruse, our ward clerk, was trying
to gather signatures for it. You've obviously taken the time to research
the issue and express your points strongly and in a way that I hope the
administration will find compelling. Thanks!
If you have any other ideas for how we can be effective in
blocking this plan, either from within or outside of the hospital, I'd
appreciate your thoughts.
Thanks again for your work.

Sue Wolling
Nurse Educator, ICU

On Tue, 15 May 2001 11:38:43 -0700 (PDT) Rich Coolman
> Glenn, thanks for your efforts! I am copying your letter here with 4
> co-signers from my office as the attachment doesn't appear to be
> forwarding.
> If you are interested in being on the Friends of Eugene Downtown
> Committee
> e-mail list, contact Rob Zako through one of the channels noted near
> the
> end of our exchanges below. Rich
> Subj: Sacred Heart Medical Center
> Date: 5/14/01 7:28:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time
> From: Glenn L. Keiper, Jr., MD
> Opinion Editorial
> I would like to give another physician's opinion on Sacred Heart
> Medical
> Center's (SHMC) plan to move its campus to north Eugene. I operate
> on and
> care for patients at SHMC 5 to 7 days a week. My initial reaction
> when I
> read the story last month was positive. We do need a larger facility
> to
> serve the needs of the community as it grows. However, over the
> next
> several weeks I realized that the site in north Eugene is a poor
> choice
> and the plan ill conceived. The plan to move the hospital to north
> Eugene
> is good for one entity; PeaceHealth. The plan is fundamentally
> flawed for
> everyone else i.e.: the downtown community, the community around
> the
> proposed site, south Eugene, the employees of SHMC, the businesses
> that
> serve the hospital and patients, and most physicians.
> Much has been discussed in the papers regarding the infrastructure
> that
> will have to be built to support the hospital at the Crescent
> location. I
> have not read anything about the "medical infrastructure" that will
> be
> left behind if the hospital moves. Many physicians have built
> offices in
> the vicinity of SHMC. It makes sense to be close to the hospital for
> your
> patient's convenience. It is efficient to have your hospital close
> by so
> that emergency calls can be dealt with rapidly. Doctor offices are
> not the
> only businesses that have built close to the hospital for the
> convenience
> of the patient. What about the businesses that support the hospital
> and
> the patients? Companies that sell medical equipment, rent medical
> equipment, provide transcription services, pharmacies, first aid
> supplies,
> prosthetics, braces, home health service providers, research
> facilities,
> and diabetic care services, to name a few, did not just spring up
> around
> the hospital for no particular reason. PeaceHealth does not include
> the
> "medical infrastructure" in its planned move to north Eugene. Not
> only is
> there no plan for any of the businesses that support the hospital,
> there
> is no land around the proposed Crescent site to accommodate these
> businesses even if they wanted to move.
> Lets think about how rapid response healthcare is delivered in
> Eugene. We
> currently have a centrally located facility that allows patients
> and
> physicians to get to the hospital quickly from all directions.
> Moving SHMC
> to the Crescent site will increase the transport time for the
> majority of
> the city's ambulance trips. Occasionally seconds count in medicine.
> Moving
> the hospital will impact the timeliness of emergency care. The
> hospital
> bylaws require a trauma physician to be in the ER within twenty
> minutes of
> being called. Many physicians live in south Eugene. Moving the
> hospital
> will prevent some of them from being able to respond within twenty
> minutes. Responding within twenty minutes will be difficult from as
> close
> as downtown during rush hour. Is a less stringent set of bylaws
> going to
> be written to accommodate the increased travel time? Is the hospital
> going
> to ask those physicians to move closer to the new location?
> I am concerned about the impetus for the proposed move. The push
> for
> abandoning the downtown renovation seems to be coming from the CEO
> and
> board level. The impetus is not coming from the medical staff. I
> would
> disagree with our Chief of Staff when she was quoted saying that
> "the
> medical staff is excited about this." The majority of the medical
> staff
> that I have polled strongly opposes the move. The community should
> also
> know that there is no crisis. Our hospital is functioning well,
> albeit at
> capacity at times. There should not be a mad rush to force a poor
> plan
> that will have long term consequences on the community.
> SHMC proposes building on a field that is surrounded by housing
> developments. This problem is two fold. One, the people who own
> homes in
> that vicinity will not want the hospital there. They will not want
> the
> noise and congestion that 5 years of construction will create. After
> the
> hospital is built, they wont want to listen to police sirens,
> ambulances
> and helicopters at all hours, day and night. They will not want to
> look
> out their windows and see a high rise where they once saw the
> Coburg
> hills. They built in a semi-rural area, and SHMC will thrust them
> back
> into an urban environment, with a lot of diverse traffic in their
> neighborhood. Secondly, because it is a residential area there is no
> place
> for ancillary facilities such as physicians offices, to be built in
> the
> vicinity of the proposed hospital. . There is not enough acreage to
> do all
> that SHMC has planned and they want Coburg road frontage. This will
> require acquiring land or trading for land with the Eugene school
> district. Another zoning change will have to be made by the city
> council
> to allow SHMC to expand to the surrounding area or trade 4J for an
> adjacent parcel.
> What about access to the proposed hospital? Currently the
> intersection of
> Beltline and Coburg road enjoys a D+ rating in terms of its ability
> to
> handle existing traffic. Gary McNeel, Eugene's traffic operations
> supervisor, estimates that the addition of a hospital in that area
> will
> generate 17,000 trips per day. That is a significant amount of
> traffic to
> add to an intersection that has only a D+ rating. A great deal of
> infrastructure will have to be built to accommodate the traffic. At
> the
> least, Coburg road will have to be widened and access to Interstate
> 5 will
> have to be developed. SHMC has no money budgeted for infrastructure
> development. ODOT has no money for road development and neither does
> the
> City of Eugene. My guess is that they will ask the taxpayers for
> the
> money. The bill for adding access roads is estimated to be $50
> million.
> The CEO of PeaceHealth has made comments to city officials
> indicating that
> downtown Eugene is dead and that its vitality is not the hospital's
> concern. The articles and editorials that I have read in the
> Register
> Guard indicate that the people of Eugene and most of the City
> Council do
> not share his opinion. We all live in a place like Eugene because we
> enjoy
> a sense of community and we should all be concerned about the
> vitality of
> downtown. SHMC is the second largest employer in Lane County. Taking
> the
> employees alone out of downtown will have a major impact on
> downtown
> businesses. One must also keep in mind that SHMC is a major
> referral
> center. Patients come from up to 4 hours away by car to get their
> care at
> SHMC. Their families stay at downtown motels, eat at downtown
> restaurants,
> and shop in downtown stores. To say that taking away all of the
> above from
> downtown businesses will not have an impact is far fetched.
> How do we keep the hospital in the downtown area? There are viable
> options
> that will enable the hospital to stay downtown, meet the needs of
> PeaceHealth and the needs of the community long term. However, it
> will
> require a concerted effort between city officials and PeaceHealth.
> In
> defense of PeaceHealth, they are simply not in the housing business.
> They
> provide healthcare. Current land use codes will have to be updated
> to
> allow new construction that does not include housing. The City
> Council may
> have to help the hospital acquire more space for construction. A
> member of
> the City Council was recently quoted in the Register Guard. "It is
> not our
> job to condemn property on behalf of PeaceHealth. I would like to
> remind
> him and the rest of the Council that it was only a couple of months
> ago
> when they "acquired" John and Brent Woodrich's business, AutoCraft,
> so
> that the Federal Courthouse could be built on the Agripac site.
> Eventhough, PeaceHealth is a private company, it is the job of the
> City
> Council to preserve the quality of the community and support
> quality
> healthcare for residents. Helping PeaceHealth get more property, if
> necessary, will further those goals. The Mayor and City Council
> must
> provide leadership on important issues that affect the city. The
> community
> should demand that they step up to the plate.
> PeaceHealth enjoys a very privileged position in Eugene as our sole
> source
> of inpatient healthcare. My only criticism of PeaceHealth is
> regarding the
> proposed expansion in north Eugene; nothing else. Sacred Heart
> Medical
> Center is a wonderful hospital with strong leadership and a very
> talented
> medical community behind it. It is a very profitable-nonprofit
> organization because your healthcare dollars are spent supporting
> it. The
> community does not have a choice when it comes to hospitals in
> Eugene at
> the present time. Therefore the community should have a vote when it
> comes
> to making a major change such as the one proposed. The Crescent site
> is
> the wrong place to build our only hospital. If north Eugene is going
> to be
> the center of population expansion then we have planned poorly. We
> should
> have made plans to build the Federal Courthouse, the new library,
> the new
> downtown LTD station, the Hult Center and all other new facilities
> to the
> north. If you feel that this is an important issue let your city
> council
> person, city officials and the PeaceHealth administration know your
> opinion. I was pleasantly surprised to find how interested they are
> in one
> person's opinion.
> Glenn L. Keiper, Jr., MD
> Richard B Coolman MD
> Marianne Taylor RN
> Robert E Nickel MD
> Cathleen Amen CPNP
> --- GKeiper@aol.com wrote:
> > Thanks Rich,
> > I need the signatures ASAP. I am going to submit the letter in
> the
> > morning
> > but will send an amendment with addittional names should they sign
> on.
> > I
> > reviewed the letters and Sue has already signed. Thansk for your
> input
> > and
> > help. Let me know about Friends of Eugene.
> > glenn
> --- rbentscool@yahoo.com wrote:
> Glenn, thanks for asking me to sign your letter. I'm copying this to
> Sue
> Wolling, ICU nurse, and the Friends of Eugene Downtown Committee,
> Rex
> Redmon chairperson, so you can send us all a copy. I'd be glad to
> see if
> the other docs and nurses in my office are interested in signing as
> well.
> When do you need our names? Rich
> --- Rob Zako wrote:
> > Subject: Welcome new FoE Downtown Committee Members
> > Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 22:36:13 -0700
> > From: Rob Zako
> > To: "FoE Downtown Committee"
> >
> > Dear FoE Downtown Committee,
> > For everyone's reference, here's the 13 people currently on the
> list:
> >
> > rex@efn.org Rex Redmon, Chair, FoE
> Board
> > sue.wolling@juno.com Sue Wolling, FoE Board
> > ocfgm@efn.org Leslie Scott, FoE Board
> > matthews@artifice.com Kevin Matthews, FoE
> Board
> > rzako@efn.org Rob Zako, FoE Board
> > evelynm@efn.org Evelyn McConnaughey, FoE
> Board
> > gmclauch@oregon.uoregon.edu Greg McLauchlan, FoE
> Board
> > dhinkley@efn.org David Hinkley, NLC
> > rbentscool@yahoo.com Rich Coolman
> > becky@friends.org Becky Steckler
> > richardtrainor@hotmail.com Richard Trainor
> > jerry_kendall@msn.com Jerry Kendall
> > madmonk1@hotmail.com David Monk
> >
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Rob
> >
> >
> >
> > | Rob Zako
> |
> > | 1280-B East 28th Ave., Eugene, OR 97403-1616
> |
> > | (541) 343-5201 (voice)
> |
> > | (541) 683-5828 (fax)
> |
> >
> >
> > ATTACHMENT part 2 application/octet-stream name=SHMC final.doc
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