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Posted by  Jan Wilson on June 28, 2001 at 10:40:34:

The county commissioners had a work session this week on Eugene Sand & Gravel's
proposed move to River Rd. They'll probably be voting soon, so we have a very
short time period to deal with this. Here's what we need to do ASAP:

1. In the work session, Bill Dwyer listed his criteria for voting against the
proposal. Somebody needs to watch the re-runs of the work session on Channel 11
and email the group ("Reply to Sender and All Recipients") the criteria list.
(I'd do it, but I don't have cable.)

2. We need to address those criteria in the public record. That means
attending a county commission meeting (the next one is Tuesday at 9 a.m.) and
speaking or submitting written comments in that three-minute period at the
beginning of the meetings.

3. We need to get letters in to the commissioners. Doesn't matter if you
already sent one (or more) or which district you're in - they're likely to just
compare the "support" stack (which the ES&G employees have been working on all
year) with the "oppose" stack to see which one is taller. Dwyer is the vote we
need to work on - he's already indicated that he'd like to oppose if he sees
enough opposition, but he's gotten way more letters from people who support the
proposal. Note - email is probably not going to be effective, but if it's all
you can do, at least do that.

Also, I talked to my NMFS friend last night - he doesn't know of any extensive
review or consulting that's been done on the federal level for this proposal.
Most likely, ES&G is trying to split this up - get the land use decisions now,
and then go for the state and federal permits (water discharges, endangered
species, wetlands, whatever else) later. Of course, they're probably banking on
using the first decisions to justify the second. The county commissioners could
derail that strategy with a conditional approval. An outright denial would be
better, but punting to the feds may be better than an outright approval.

Feel free to forward this to whatever other progressive email lists you're
involved with. But time is short, so let's get going on this. Thanks!


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