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Posted by  Mark Robinowitz on July 16, 2001 at 21:54:11:

The fate of Bagby Hot Springs will be determined within a very few days,
making NOW a perfect time to become actively involved in protecting this
special place from the development plans of the USFS.

Having already turned Bagby into a fee-demo site, the Forest Service now
intends to upgrade it into an aquatic Disneyland. To become actively
involved please contact


----- Original Message -----
From: David E. Bybee
To: Scott Silver
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2001 2:14 PM
Subject: Bagby Hot Springs Tales...

Trails & Tubs too...

Dear Friend of Bagby,

A crossroads has been reached and this msg seeks _your_ active input.
Any successful grassroots movement relies upon volunteers for
willingness to give a bit their time, even if it's nothing more than a bit
of moral support.

If you are able to help stop the industrialization of Bagby's trail
through Old Growth forest, and/or help make more of an issue of the
escalating crime, or anything else that you might like to do like an
Adopt-A-Trail volunteer, please respond to this msg and it will be
handed off to folks who wish to organize more than has been to date.
Sadly, demands for my time prevent me from the level of effort I have
given Bagby over the past 6 weeks; indeed, over the past 3 years.

The Issues: The Forest Service's intent to spend $100,000 to un-
necessarily rebuild the Bagby trail into what it calls a "Turnpike" of
curbs, 40 dump trucks of gravel, cement foundations for new
boardwalks of pressure treated wood, and 21 new 4' X 4' culverts built
of the same. This construction is scheduled to commence this week
and last for "75 crew days" while issues of escalating vandalism and
public safety remain ignored.

What's Been Accomplished: Dozens of letters of concern have been
sent to the Mt. Hood Forest supervisor; Gary Larsen. Also, 941
petition signatures from the parking lot were sent representing a 95%
response factor of concern for Forest Service mismanagement of
Bagby. The Oregon chapter of the Sierra Club has written representing
27,000 members. The Columbia Group of the Sierra Club put Bagby
issues on the front page of their summer newsletter mailed to 11,200
members. The 3,000 Mazama Mountaineers have written as well.

Last week the offices of Senators Smith, Wyden and Representative
Hooley reviewed a 43 page photo package describing the issues, as did
other entities like the Oregon Natural Resources Council. The
conclusion: Gary Larsen appears to be stonewalling everyone - "Once
he makes a decision he refuses to listen." He has not responded to any
of the 3 letters I've sent him with bundles of petitions. The only
response I've heard is a July 5th form letter from district ranger Jeff
Walter. It's Gary who seems to be the logjam to doing the right things
by the Forest Service, as the congressionally responsible trustee for
Bagby's future.

The Future: The trail contract specifies that pedestrians have right-of-
way over motorized construction equipment. Send a msg if you might
like to attend a rally.

Sadly, don't expect Friends of Bagby Hot Springs Inc. (FOB) to be a
player any longer. They received trail tours of the Forest Service
proposals in 1998, '99 and myself in October of 2000 as FOB VP, but
nothing was done - "Why bother? The Forest Service is going to do
whatever they want anyway." The horror stories you may have heard
since are largely true. Over the past year all of FOB's energy and bank
account were spent in dealing with a small dissident faction vehemently
insisting meeting agendas continue to be like a Jerry Springer TV
show. It's my understanding that after I resigned last May, all but one
director have done the same since. Even more tragic is the Forest
Service was then left with no recourse but to terminate their contracts
of partnership with FOB. In effect, the FOB that rebuilt the bath
houses in the early 80s is no more.

To those of you who have enjoyed Bagby and gave something in
return, the old growth trees are appreciative. For Bagby news of the
future, please consult Greg Thorne's web page:

For the Spirit of the Springs...

Dave Bybee
Kingdom of the Trees
Council of the Trilliums
Dept. of geothermal Magic!

----- additional information ---------

Bagby Hot Springs silence

"It's hard to fault the U. S. Forest Service."
(Silence of the Eagle Creek lambs, July 12th
editorial). What about the silence from the Mt.
Hood National Forest? Nothing has been heard
addressing your Sunday May 27 front page
article detailing Bagby's problems including
misdemeanor vandalism and felony assaults.
These problems continue to escalate while the
Forest Service only insists on a $100,000
contract to rebuild the rustic and stable Bagby
trail into a 1 1/2 mile curbed gravel "turnpike"
through Old Growth Forest nobody wants.

The Forest Service has received dozens of
protest letters and 941 petition signatures
requesting the contract be stopped and resources
focused on public safety. This represents 100
average signatures/day at the Bagby parking lot
and a 95% negative factor the Mt. Hood
supervisor has not acknowledged. The 3,000
member Mazamas and 27,000 member Oregon
Chapter of the Sierra Club have written
concerns. All that's been heard back is a few
form letters from the district ranger attempting
to justify an industrial expressway and
platitudes about public safety.

I certainly don't condone the destruction of
property nor lawlessness. Just yesterday I
personally delivered evidence to the Clackamas
Sheriff to help prosecute a recent felony attack
at Bagby. But the general public is loosing
patience with the perceived arrogance of a
rogue Forest Service as it continues to stonewall
important citizen issues while advertising
"Caring for the Land and serving People." In
the case of Bagby, facts show this slogan to be
a hoax.

Dave Bybee
Bagby Trail Committee

Scott Silver
Wild Wilderness
248 NW Wilmington Ave.
Bend, OR 97701

phone: 541-385-5261
e-mail: ssilver@wildwilderness.org
Internet: http://www.wildwilderness.org


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