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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on July 18, 2001 at 13:58:46:

Dear Dennis,

Thanks for bringing up this issue. I've been working a bit on the local City ward redistricting through the Neighborhood Leaders Council, and David has too, through CPA. I haven't looked at the new state-level districts yet, but it certainly seems like an important issue for all the affected neighborhoods.

What you describe sounds pretty wacky. Time to roll up our sleeves and get involved!

Best wishes,


PS: Here is the State Legislative Redistricting home page:


It looks like the one hearing scheduled for Eugene is:

Tuesday, 7/31/01, 7:00 PM
Eugene City Council Chamber
at City Hall, 777 Pearl St.

On 7/17/01 at 08:47 PM, Dennis Hebert wrote:

] Hello Kevin, have you seen the new draft for the redistricting of
] Southeast Eugene? It is on the web at the sos.state.or.us site. I live
] on East 38th street, and much of Southeast Eugene is put into a district
] that is most all rural South, East, and North of Springfield. I just
] don't get it. It doesn't fit the guidelines at all that they say they
] used to create the new areas. Anyway, i was wondering if you are tuning
] into the redistricting plan, and if you or other neighbors have any
] dissatisfaction with the new lines. The Sec of State office wants to
] hear input, and there will be a public hearing on it. (Unfortunately i
] will be out of town) They also want letters.
] I don't know how many people are concerned with it, but i thought that
] you would be the best resource for community action on this front.
] Please take a look at it and let me know.
] Thanks for your help...Dennis Hebert

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