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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on July 23, 2001 at 17:55:27:

Dear Southeast Neighbors,

FYI, LTD has responded to our citizen requests for an extention of time to respond to the final BRT EA -- although their $80 price for each copy of the ~270 page public document still might not seem to reflect a sincere committment to public participation on the part of LTD.

With time to comment extended through to August 21, 2001 at 5pm, interested citizens now have a much better chance to express their views on this construction boondoggle project. Holes in the EA worthy of comment include process issues:

- EA vs. EIS: LTD should be preparing an EIS, rather than looking for a Finding Of No Significant Impact (FONSI) based on this bloated EA.

- Segmentation: Is this any way to plan a regional transit system, segment-by-segment? Planning, going through an environmental process for, and getting approval for the system segment by segment is bad public policy -- and most likely illegal.

And content issues too:

- Purpose and Need (stated so vaguely there's no standard to evaluate by)

- Alternatives Considered (basically none, even though this is fundamental)

- Aesthetics (includes trees, and bad choices for specific station locations)

- Traffic and Parking (especially conflicts between BRT and cars)

- Traffic Signals (including need for "warrants")

- Conflicts with bicycles and pedestrians (bad choices for station locations, bus lanes, etc.)

- Effectiveness of BRT in improving transit service (unproven, even by their own numbers)

- Land Use Impacts (low carrying capacity per lane of roadway, right-of-way not to light rail standards, impact of eliminating 2/3 of existing bus stations along BRT route, etc.)

Credit for this draft list of BRT environmental assessment issues goes to members of the FoE Transporation Committee and other concerned citizens working on BRT.

This is not directly a Southeast Neighbors issue, but it affects other neighborhoods and our whole transit network. Thought you might like to hear about it...

best wishes,


PS: The draft BRT EA is online at:


====== Forwarded Message ======

Lisa Gardner, of LTD, sent this message to me asking that I forward it to
you all. In case you are unable to open the attachment, I have copied and
pasted the information in the message into this e-mail.

Michelle Mortensen

Notice: The review period for the BRT Final EA has been
extended through Tuesday, August 21, 2001.

The review period for the Final Environmental Assessment
(EA) for Lane Transit District's bus rapid transit project has been extended
through Tuesday, August 21, 2001. Copies of this document can be reviewed
at the following locations:

* Eugene and Springfield public libraries
* U of O Knight Library
* LTD Glenwood Administrative Office (3500 E. 17th Avenue, Eugene)
* BRT Project Office (One East Broadway, Eugene)

The Final EA can also be viewed on the LTD Web site at
www.ltd.org. Bound copies of the document are available for purchase at
either Lane Transit District location for $80 or is available on CD-ROM for
$5. Copies are also available for loan at both LTD offices.

Comments need to be received by LTD by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday,
August 21, 2001, and can be submitted by e-mail, fax, or letter:

* LTD Glenwood Administrative Office (3500 E. 17th Avenue, Eugene)
* BRT Project Office (One East Broadway, Eugene)
* Fax: 541-682-7478
* E-mail: brt@ltd.lane.or.us

For more information about the availability of the Final EA, please call

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> From: GARDNER Lisa
> Sent: Monday, July 23, 2001 1:57 PM
> To: MORTENSEN Michelle E
> Subject: BRT Final EA Public Review Extension Announcement
> Importance: High
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