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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on November 12, 2001 at 20:45:04:

Community-based Watershed Protection
Richard Dale
Director, Sonoma Ecology Center

Tuesday, 13 November 2001
7pm to 9pm
Spencer Butte Middle School Cafetorium
(500 East 43rd Avenue, Eugene)

It's tomorrow, Tuesday! Active citizens, all neighbors, friends, please join Southeast Neighbors and the Citizens Nature Project on Tuesday, 13 November for this special event.

Richard Dale, director of the Sonoma Ecology Center and long-time environmental activist, will be giving a presentation on the great success achieved in his home turf of Sonoma in building a community consensus for positive environmental values. The SEC has combined participation, science, and education, citizen mapping and GIS, and more in a self-sufficient brew that's healing for both natural and human communities.

Is Eugene ready for community-based watershed protection? Come and join the discussion with Richard after the presentation. This is a great chance to share and learn with our neighbors in southern Ecotopia!

Please help spread the word - bring a friend, and catch the vision. This event is a Southeast Neighbors General Meeting, co-sponsored by the Citizens Nature Project. I'm looking forward to seeing everybody.

Best wishes,

Kevin Matthews
President, Southeast Neighbors
541-345-7421 vox
541-345-7438 fax


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__ Background Info - Projects of the Sonoma Ecology Center __

The Sonoma Valley Watershed Station
The Watershed Station is an education and research center located on Sonoma Creek, established in 1998. Its mission is to understand the natural systems of the Sonoma Valley, and to communicate that understanding to the community and decision-makers. Projects in hydrology, water chemistry, and environmental history promise to teach much about our streams and how they can remain healthy. A major focus of the Watershed Station is determining factors that limit the population of steelhead trout in Sonoma Creek and its tributaries.

The GIS Project
With all the information in the world how do we sort through it and make our lives simpler rather than more complicated? The Sonoma Valley GIS/GPS Project uses Geographic Information Systems to combine many kinds of information about our world and to display it in a simple map form. Streams, roads, and political boundaries as well as land uses or vegetation can all be displayed. Seeing these and their relationships helps us to make better plans and decisions.

The Restoration Project
What happens to the garbage in the creek? Who is helping control exotic plants and teaching people about them? What can we do in our backyard to help? Join the Restoration Project team to clean up trash, bash non-natives like Arundo donax (an invasive pest plant), stencil storm drains, put up bird boxes or host a special event in your neighborhood!

Sonoma Valley Watershed Council
With all the good work going on to keep our valley a great place to live, where do we get together to learn about what is happening? Where can we learn how to get involved or do our work better? Come to the Watershed Council for talks by noted speakers and discussions about our valley and local projects.

The Public Policy Project
To preserve the beauty and natural resources of Sonoma Valley, we need creative ideas that respond to local conditions. The Public Policy Project generates such ideas and builds support for them. The Nathanson Creek Preserve and Trailway, for example, is a nature study area and pathway along 3/4 mile of a stream in the City of Sonoma that will include riparian restoration, recreation, and educational programs of the high school and middle school. The Sonoma Valley Habitat Corridor is an antidote to the fragmentation of natural landscapes. It will protect a wide swath of land crossing the Valley, providing a way for large animals to move between the ridges bordering the Valley. We also provide support for local planning efforts such as the city of Sonoma's general plan.

* http://www.vom.com/sec/projects.htm *

Sonoma Ecology Center
205 First Street West
Sonoma, CA 95476
(707) 996-9744

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