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Posted by  David Rodriguez on February 25, 2002 at 14:36:10:

In Reply to:  Re: A Despicable Springfield Groundwater Coverup posted by Kevin Matthews on February 25, 2002 at 14:15:17:

Could you clarify a few points?

the DEQ inspector during much of this fiasco, happened to be the paper's Asst City Editor?

Oops, sorry, minor type-o. Thanks for catching that. DEQ inspector was the 'brother' of the RG Asst City Editor.
Who is that specifically?

Keith McFettridge / Tim McFettridge

A certain key Weyerhaeuser official then held a secret meeting with three of my organization's board members...

Can you explain what organization you are referring to, and who these meeting aprticipants are?

The organization was the Oregon Rivers Museum (ORM). This all happened several years ago but it all part of the saga. Participants can be named but not sure its relevant at this point. I will say they consisted of two other local newspaper publishers.

There needs to be a criminal investigation once and for all.

Thing is, criminal investigations are done by a branch of government, and you've already suggested that the big company has a strong grip on local government.

There must be some upright agency in this nation we call the United States of America?

It seems to me that civil lawsuits would be a more effective way to adress the complex of problems you've described. If civil lawsuits are successful in proving problems along the lines of what you;ve described, then criminal investigations might well follow. But asking to start with criminal investigations seems like turning right into a road block.

What can I say, i've hit all the other roadblocks. How much have you heard about this issue? I've been pushing to get the truth out for several years now.


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