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Posted by  David Rodriguez on March 01, 2002 at 07:44:12:

In Reply to:  A Despicable Springfield Groundwater Coverup posted by David Rodriguez on February 25, 2002 at 10:44:21:

So until people begin talking in forums like this, and otherwise find the courage to ask hard questions in public, the citizens of this community will continue to have the wool pulled over their eyes by the big Weyeraheuser Corporation, er Company, and the 'untrustworthy' Oregon DEQ. By not standing up, you are only hurting yourselves. The news media also needs to be more responsible and less obliging to these players.

There is a dense residential area west of Weyerhaeuser where proper soil and groundwater monitoring has been omitted. There are also hundreds of thousands of yards of fill, partially comprised of dioxin laden sludge, immediately upgradient of Springfield's Weyerhaeuser Wellfields and there isn't one test well located in this vast area.

Or am I wrong and everyone would rather live like sheep going to slaughter because you are afraid. Its your community. The public is being misled by the agencies and Weyco. And its not the first time government has lied. Unless the reader is naive, this is a fact that needs to be realized.

Does this community think I enjoy taking on this issue? I don't, but the lies they laid down and the trail of destruction that followed, comprise one sick sequence of events in this community. I sure wasn't going to roll over to their covert methods used to scare me off. And I have proof enough to post that here, just as I have been saying it for the last few years.

So, how many others in this commmunity have the courage to demand answers? Anyone?

You know, DEQ promised 20,000 Springfield Households that they would hold a public meeting to discuss the clean up plan. we discovered that the cleanup plan was flawed and since they knew we would be there, they didn't have this meeting after all. Then somehow they coerced certain key news media to not publicize these claims. This was literally and intentionally kept from the public. What is this community going to do about that?


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