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Posted by  rattrap22 on March 07, 2002 at 14:36:34:

In Reply to:  Trust The People Petition to George W. Bush posted by Kevin Matthews on November 08, 2000 at 18:28:43:

let it be known:from the chemical coast/
from what my doc is saying its too late for me
be warned
bush is not a true texan/enron is buisness as usual since the bush family arrived,it has allowed my state to become one of the worst polluted hellholes in america and he plans to continue this drive north west east and south.the familys first move was their most clever
1"nafta"a larger influx of imigrant workers drives wages down,
2 more unskilled labor,no epa and cheaper regulations in mexico ,more control by large business
3 tieing up epa laws,so theyre not being enforced
4 insurance lobbiest spending millions too make sure they get more money and you get less benefit
5 offering medicare to illegal immigrants insures his place in the hispanic vote and screws your chance of decent healthcare even worse

now hes hiding behind sept 11 like a thief as he runs the deficit up, all but vanquishes the epa's budget,all the while spewing patriotic rhetoric as his petrochem puppetmasters are trying to dream up even worse ways to avoid the constitution


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