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Posted by  David Hinkley on April 03, 2002 at 11:30:07:

The draft ordinances for the re-adoption of LUCU are out and available at the
Permit and Information Center in the Atrium building. I strongly urge you all to get
a copy and read them. In an effort to avoid another LUBA appeal by the Chamber
of Commerce and the Homebuilders they have effectively removed all of the
natural resource, and tree protection provisions as well as watering down the
needed housing track. While the proposed ordinances are being labeled as a
“temporary fix”, they are in fact permanent and would require an affirmative action
on the part of the council to change.

As to the process, it resembles a well greased skid, the proposed changes are
NOT going to the Planning commission for review or comment, the City Council
Work session is BEFORE rather then after the Public Hearing and to complete the
farce the council is scheduled to adopt these ordinance IMMEDIATELY following
the public hearing.

Meaningful public comment requires time for the elected officials to
consider the testimony they receive and time to make those changes they feel
necessary in response to the public comment. The current schedule does not
provide the Council with this time. In fact it does not even include time for city
staff to make any changes in response to council comments during the work

If you feel as I do that something as important as the adoption of City’s
permanent land use code deserves a better public process, I strongly urge you to
call or email your City Councilor and express your displeasure with this farce of a
public process. You can also join me in urging the council, if they feel they must
rush the adoption process, to revise their schedule as follows:

Send the draft ordinances to the Planning Commission for consideration and
comment at their 11:30 AM April 8th meeting. Reschedule the Council work
session for Wednesday April 10th, (this could be done by simply swapping the
Monday work session agenda with the Wednesday one) and then schedule a special
council meeting for Monday the 15th (before the Budget Committee meeting) to
adopt. This schedule would permit at least some meaningful public input and would
only delay adoption by 7 days.

But to get this changed we need to get the word out and the calls to councilors
made. Time is limited so please act now.

Thank You


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