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Posted by  www.universe-people.com on April 16, 2002 at 15:10:31:



In May 2000 the Cosmic People of Light Powers appealed to the presidents of the Czech and Slovak republic for a personal meeting on any airport or bigger grass tract. Cosmic people did not specify any limiting conditions. ASHTAR SHERAN, commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, together with other Cosmic people, is willing on this personal meeting to offer the cooperation on the government level. Our country has a unique opportunity to demonstrate to the whole planet Earth how its inhabitants can start a new way of living without wars, destruction, killing and material-oriented life and how they can start to build a STATE OF LOVE, that would show the direction to all people on the planet Earth.

Also the Cosmic confederation of planets of Light powers (2 millions of civilizations under the High council and additional 3 millions of associated civilizations in our Galaxy) is ready to invite our planet Earth into this free association. They want to help to purify our planet Earth from all the negations that people caused by their ignorance. They mean especially the coarse vibration (negative thoughts - energy), radioactive contamination and chemical contamination on the planet Earth.

Our Cosmic friends are prepared to share with us terrestrials a spiritual knowledge, that may shift us to the cosmic level and enable the survival of the terrestrial civilization as a whole. Already now there are hundreds of thousands of people in the central Europe, who connect with Cosmic people through a INNER form - thought - telepathy, natural way of communication, that has been blocked so far for us as a result of the negative thinking. The Cosmic people love us and they will love us, whatever happens. Our beloved Creator agreed with the personal visits, the presidents Václav Havel and Rudolf Schuster have been already invited and they are now considering their presence in the historical meeting. We appeal media workers to STOP transmitting negative energy massively and shower hundreds of milions of people with manipulative misinformations, which guides to the hells and holds the people in unknowing - the control status of low vibrations.

The first offer of such a cooperation was made in 1949 on personal meetings with presidents Truman (USA) and Stalin (Soviet Union), 1954 p. Eisenhower (USA) and several times in numerous other countries. An extensive information system of more than 1400 reports from the Cosmic people received by approx. 100 contactors is available on the Internet page www.universe-people.cz and .com and daily there are 165 hits on average in there ! Dear readers, we would like to sincerely invite you to this web page. We offer you a considerable amount of information, which was not available to you so far. They are relevant for every person, because we are all on the same ship - planet Earth, and now there are many things in stake - the saving of everything what still can be saved.

The evacuation flotillas have been prepared already for 4 years, as the future development does not eliminate the extreme option of evacuation of everything, what can be evacuated. Already now there are 150 millions of people of the planet Earth ready for the ASCENSION (boosting of body vibrations) from planet Earth - the Zone of Displacement (the black Universe) home, to the True Creation. Some of the animals have been already evacuated to the planets of rescue, because only our beloved Creator knows, what will be the future development on the planet Earth. He has the mankind in his hands and it fully up to his decision, what alternative of the future events he selects. The NATURAL ascension of Earth with some humankind together (3 days of darkness), is one of the possible options, then could be a second wave of evacuations (it is also a form of ascension). So be on the alert, communicate INNERLY, DO NOT ALLOW the media and the other controlling programs of Dark powers (saurians - negative extraterrestrials) to control you. There are thousands of these controlling programs. The control process is still maintained via the individual mental impulses - injections to the people with negative thoughts, there are alreaby 4 billions of these people controlled on 90%. The forces of the Dark are preparing for you who will choose, with microchip ID's, ISO 9000, mobile networks, supervised Internet a central global control system through body microchips (forehead and right hand), of purpose to check you on 99,9% !

The only way of LIBERATION is LOVE.

Please inform each person who is interested in this information, as the time is limited and the events of crucial importance are going to happen soon. Nobody will be able to say, that he did not know. Use this time to your own spiritual realization and understanding of the necessity to solve urging problems of the terrestrial civilization !!! No one will hide away before one's own responsibility.

P.O. BOX 51, 470 06 CESKA LIPA
or to a mobile: ++420-603-491600

I believe, that you do care for the status of our society and the planet Earth, which is a 80% ill woman being, and you will get at the necessity to start changes in your thinking and deeds and contribute so to the saving of our planet Earth.

Ivo A. Benda and Cosmic people of Light powers.
Ceska Lipa, 26. 7. 2001



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