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Posted by  robert l cole on June 02, 2002 at 15:16:40:

In Reply to:  Re: Bush Petition posted by A REAL DEMOCRATE FROM EUROPE on November 13, 2000 at 09:15:12:

You know there is truth in the matter of ridding our country of the electorial college. The fact that Bush may not be a very good president is also a valid statement. But do not throw around names like Clinton and Kennedy they were both pretty boys as far as leaders they were an embarrasment to the nation. They underminded our sense of moral pride and as far as Clinton his administration shot down every attempt to strengthen our home security. those are the facts so i don't know were the hell you get your information probably like the other fucking polaticians that try to make shit look like gold. I have served my country as a long line of my family in all the wars, i am a true AMERICAN though just because the gov. exist does not mean it has the best interest of the people in mind we have put up with political injustice and intrusion for to long. It is time we bear the load our forfathers did and take up the fight to free our nation from the corupt and supresers we call our gov. that is why we have the second amendment to ensure our right to stop what is happening today. spend your time and search your sole what do you want for your children? lets act like true AMERICANS again.


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