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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on August 27, 2002 at 14:01:01:

Dear Phil,

Thanks for the update on the Audubon property trail project! There's a lot of new information here to be considered. It is disappointing to hear that you expect the development of the non-controversial majority of the proposed trail to be delayed -- and rather a surprise that LUCU would be the cause!

I'd also like to let you know that after our collective discussion with you at Southeast Neighbors board meeting on August 13, the board passed a resolution recommending that for the time being trail development should be limited to the trail section from the Ridgeline Trail northward (downhill) to the BPA easement. I can get you the precise wording once the meeting minutes have been approved.

We'll also go ahead and have our attorney provide us with interpretations of usability of the E-2 parcel and BPA easement for access, as well as the new PUD overlay issue.

I'm glad to hear there are several items you'll be following up on. The neighborhood looks forward to continued engagement with this (increasingly complex) process.

Best wishes,

Kevin Matthews
Southeast Neighbors

On 8/27/02 at 12:50 PM, RICHARDSON Philip S wrote:

] Hi Zane, Elaine, Teressa, et al:
] I'd like to keep you all up-to-date with recent developments, since quite a
] bit has happened since we all met.
] The most significant news is that we were told by planning late last week
] that due to the new land use code recently adopted and the Beverly's
] property being in a PUD overlay zone, any trail work will require a PUD
] approval before any development permit can be issued. This was quite a
] surprise to us, and means that we will not be able to build the trail this
] year. I don't know yet how this will affect our State Recreational Trails
] grant, but I'm meeting tomorrow with the State Trails Coordinator, so I'll
] have a better idea after that.
] We asked Russ Royer, our Real Property Office, to look into the questions
] that were raised about the access the City had over the BPA easement through
] the Purchase and Sale Agreement. He replied saying that his reading and
] understanding of the agreement was that the City has the rights of
] possession to be able to use the E-2 area, but that the area also provided
] access to Beverly's remainder parcel I. According to Russ, our rights of
] possession are subject to the Beverly's rights to provide a public r/w
] (street) through the area. Their rights would be subject to meeting normal
] design and platting standards, and as such any future street could be
] required to go through any trail we might design and construct in the
] meantime. He felt that for now the lower access through to Canyon Drive was
] proabably the most prudent place to invest money in a trail, though he
] agreed that a later connection through the E-2 parcel would be a desirable
] additional access.
] We also met with Larry Wilson, the retired Forest Service trail designer,
] last Friday and walked along the entire proposed trail alignment. There were
] only a few short sections where he thought we might want to relocate the
] trail slightly - mostly so as to keep the trail grade closer to 12%. He
] liked the trail alignment and said he saw no insurmountable obstacles over
] any portion, including the lowest portion close to Canyon Drive. In that
] lower portion he felt the best option was to cross the creek, especially if
] the stream channel could be stabilized, but he also felt that the
] alternative of climbing the slope east of the creek and meeting the BPA
] easement road on that side could also be done at a reasonable grade without
] severe damage to the slope or trees. Since the timeline has changed, we may
] be hiring Larry to help us put together the trail contract and specs over
] this winter.
] Lastly, I met with Terry Colvin, one of the City's engineers, to look at the
] incised creek and the BPA culvert. He confirmed that a responsible fix
] would include replacing the culvert, as well as placing some stone drop
] structures on the downstream side of the culvert. The stream bed could also
] conceiveably be raised a bit for some portion of the reach. A very rough
] estimate of the cost for these improvements was around $200,000. Some
] stormwater dollars may be available, but it's not clear yet. I'll keep in
] touch with you about this. Adding a creek crossing would obviously be best
] done in conjunction with or after any culvert/stream improvement work.
] Thanks for your input and patience, and be sure to let me know if you have
] any questions.
] Philip Richardson
] Parks Planner
] Parks and Open Space Division
] City of Eugene
] 1820 Roosevelt Blvd
] Eugene, OR 97402
] Tel: 541-682-4906 Fax: 541-682-4882
] mailto:philip.s.richardson@ci.eugene.or.us


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