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Posted by  Martin on November 23, 2002 at 14:46:52:



Newsletter 8/4/2002



Dear people,

There's time to announce you YOUR SITUATION and POSITION within PUPPET SYSTEM. It's enough of hebetating people by scientists, clerks and other outer structures.

PART OF THE MEN IS WORKING HARD ON MICROCHIP CONTROL SYSTEM TO ALL THE PEOPLE ON THE PLANET EARTH. This system will stand for the entire loss of remaining liberties the people contemporary have in case of realization. Men who are working on this, living in total ignorance from the view of incidence - spiritual impact, what this will mean for fundamental human rights. The Microchips are parts of computerized net via microwaves like cell phones !

The men control system is created gradually and unobtrusively to avoid any human protest. And it is in action now. An unification of the State Administration (EU at present), currency union (EURO), implementation of universal chip ID (health or driving license) cards are concerned in the Czech Republic (CR) until 2005. In the CR there are smaller systems in operation already - for city bus traffic (Frydek-Mistek, Znojmo, Breclav), trains (now Z-cards for practice), cars (implementation of a special cameras for scanning license numbers under the pretence of autumn NATO summit), health service (in Litomerice county). In the area of employment it is built in part of an ISO 9000 system whereof systems will likewise good serve in human control. The next are the mobile communication, internet and Mobile Internet (in set-up). Then banking system (charge and credit cards-cashomats-shops). The loss of liberties means a great chances for part of men EASILY and EFFECTIVELY operate with all precise personal data (inclusive personal movement - the building entrances and long distance scanning in free landscape - the wire in card is enough), thus misuse personal infos for massive muman control - knifing them of energy opposite their will.

ONCE THE PEOPLE COME to this system, they cannot get back to the authentic one.

There is no any technical not even ethical - spiritual guarantee - of improper use. Yet nowadays there are 180 000 daily hits into police database in CR which includes just a fragment of data prepared at disposal. IN ADDITION: all the health data, biometrics - fingerprint, IRIS of eye, personal photo, employment data (both past and actual detailed motion), financial and holding data (property and effects), MOVEMENT of persons, city traffic, buses, trains, cars. The database entries cannot be effectively protected from misuse by the lots of negative people.

The system construction in the CR (and everywhere) beneath twelve year presidency of Vaclav Havel means absolute MISUNDERSTANDING and FAILURE. Neither him or state officials HAVING NOT in their programmes an increasing quality of life of the people - i.e. decreasing of gaved work to the society to a necessary level to have more time on good-class life. Thereat the economic standard allows reduce workload of men. As regards so-called office for security of personal data, it is powerless already today concerning abuse of personal data (personal database diffusion among firms and their illegal activities, etc.) Overwhelming majority of employers takes interest to keep maximum of employee energy using all possible resources. The information technology will raise these possibilities to the peak ! This procedure does not ensure the higher standard of living for people but exactly other way round this will make puppets and slaves !

Dear people, this is up to you now, whether you will just WATCH or even PARTICIPATE in construction an orwellian totality. Or else you can lawfully help to stop from human control system by your voice in petition. Sense with your heart !

Everyone who will do nothing against this system, will try it on his own to learn what he prepared himself by negative - inactive, backward and irresolute position. It will be worser than animal life. No one will get off this planetary human control system on the Earth. The events from 11th September 2002 are the instruments.

The Bible - St. Johnís Apocalypse contains this information as well in Revelation 13:16-18:

"And he caused all (beast), both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name (666)".

The chip ID cards will be finally (during several years) substituted by separate microchips on skin in hand (writing check) or in forehead (mind control). Their distribution has been already started within the USA. Such a microchips are already in use in animals location (dogs, pets, etc.). The microchips will also have sophisticated MIND CONTROL capacity.

Further informations you can find in competent range of 5000 pages and 1000 pictures on the internet web sites www.universe-people.cz in Czech or www.cosmic-people.com or www.universe-people.com in English. About construction of the microchip control system in the world Project L.U.C.I.D. and then newspaper articles about approval by Brussels (EU) by the year 2005. We are offering the SOLUTION for both individuals and governments in our source. There is a big interest for the important information - already 150 000 CZ and 50 000 EN hits.

You say yourself you are independent - by this we are contradicting your imagination of liberty. In reality this is pseudocreation - the artifficially and closely fabricated by those who are controlling you - the negative people on Earth and in Space.

You say yourself you have democracy - by this we are contradicting your imagination of democracy. In reality it is going about pseudodemocracy. Consider carefully you decision !

I am against

implementation of the microchip universal (health, driving license) ID's

Name and Surname

Please write legible PRINT HAND to keep valid your vote.
You can also ask for Petition Form. Your vote please send to:

Ivo. A. Benda P.O. Box 51 470 06 Ceska Lipa 6 Czech Republic phone: +420-603-491600


I am against implementation of the microchip universal (health, driving license) ID's

Please write legible print hand to keep valid your vote www.cosmic-people.com - INFO



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