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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on December 17, 2002 at 09:33:42:

FYI --

In his submission (below) Rob Handy exhibits a good example of the essential testimony for tonight's Eugene Planning Comission public hearing on the NRS. Written comments are due by noon today to "eugenenr@ci.eugene.or.us" to reach the commissioners for the hearing.

-- KMM

====== Forwarded Message ======
Date: 12/17/02 4:47 PM
Received: 12/17/02 8:47 AM
From: Rob Handy
To: eugenenr@ci.eugene.or.us

To: Eugene Planning Commission

Re: Draft Natural Resources Inventory for Eugene

Dear Planning Commissioners

My regrets that I will be unable to attend tonight's public hearing. A few

The work done on the Draft Natural Resources Inventory has been impressive.
A thorough and rigorous process has yielded significant public input and
represents intelligent resource planning.

Citizens place great value in supporting our precious local habitats. These
habitats contribute to our community's livability, and the health and
vitality of our commonwealth.

I commend your work on this inventory, and look forward to this work being
forwarded to Council.

Thank you,

Rob Handy
455 1/2 River Road
Eugene, OR. 97404

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