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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on March 10, 2003 at 22:38:18:

Good stuff for us to talk about at the Southeast Neighbors board meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, March 11, 2003, 7pm-9pm) night at Spencer Butte Middle School!

Some of the points that have come up seem like they could be a bit contradictory. Maybe it would help clarify our communication on these issues if we were a little more specific on references when discussing what "can" and "can't" be done.

I'm trying to see how this fits in. Measure 20-03, approved by Eugene voters in 1998, is summarized as "a measure authorizing the issuance of $25,305,000, 20-year General Obligation Bonds for purchase of land, building of parks, youth sports fields and replacement of Amazon Pool."


Note in particular, "for purchase of land".

And the city's Frank Kinney Park confirms that Measure 20-03 bonds are the source of funding for the proposed construction there:


"As part of the PARKS AND OPEN SPACE bond measure approved in November 1998 by Eugene residents, improvements are on the way for Frank Kinney Park, a 5-acre park site at the south end of the Amazon Parkway, between West Amazon Drive, Martin Street and Alpine Loop."

And here are selected comments from the city report of a mail-in survey sent to a small part of the neighborhood after only five people went to the initial workshop:

"The distribution of responses to question #1 suggests that nearly half of the respondents are
comfortable with the level of development proposed in the draft concept plan, or would like to see
more. Just over half of the respondents, on the other hand, expressed a desire for a lower level of
development. ...
"Several issues and desires were common to many respondents, regardless of their preferred level
of development. These include the following:
- Preservation and enhancement of natural areas is a high priority
- Fixing up the running trail is a high priority
- Use by dog owners is currently high: dogs off leash and dog waste is a problem
- Basic park amenities such as benches and trash receptacles are needed
- Concrete paving is generally perceived as incompatible with the parkšs natural setting"


I found that report and other Frank Kinney public input reports by going the the City search page:


and entering "Frank Kinney Park". The results presentation is a bit confusing, but there's a lot there if you keep poking through it. Have fun!

Best wishes,


On 3/10/03 at 9:50 PM, Integrations wrote:

] The money can't be used for purchasing property -- it's specifically
] designated for capital improvements, and that's not negotiable, as it is
] what the bond election designated. However, capital improvement $$ can be
] used to reconstruct the Rexius trail (that was specifically confirmed at
] the second meeting). It will cost approximately $4/sq ft to do so,
] according to the City engineer that was at the meeting.
] So, since Frank Kinney Park doesn't officially exist (it has no designated
] boundaries on any map), why can't all of the money be used for
] reconstructing as much as the trail as $200K will fund? Actually, we would
] like to see the sidewalk along Martin extended up to West Amazon, and then
] the rest spent on the trail, since there are no maintenance $$ available.
] Elaine and Zane
] PS We will not be able to attend the mtg tomorrow evening, we'll be out of
] town.
] >Hi,
] >I attended the first public meeting re. Kinney Park. Several neighbors
] showed
] >up. All of us preferred leaving the park in its natural state. I suggested
] >using the (approx.) $200,000 for purchasing part of the Beverly property,
] >knowing there was a 'mixing apples with oranges' problem with the
] suggestion.
] >I was unable to attend the last meeting, however, I called Robin Hostick. I
] >let him know my preference, again, for retaining the park in its natural
] >state. I discussed the survey which was sent out to neighbors. I told Robin
] >that I was disappointed that there was not a clear choice to 'eliminate the
] >ADA walkway' on the survey. (There are places to comment and one option for
] >"No Improvements". ) I told him that the sidewalk around the perimeter could
] >be used as wheelchair access. I got the impression that the ADA walkway was
] >not going away. We discussed using pavers or other more natural materials.
] >Robin said that expenses prohibited those options.
] >The odd thing about this situation is that over a year ago, the Parks
] >director told me that other neighborhoods succesfully lobbied for 'no
] >improvement' parks.
] >Take Care,
] >Deborah Noble
] >
] >

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