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Posted by  James Gavioli on February 21, 2004 at 12:14:07:

In Reply to:  Petition to Ralph Nader - 14000 Signatures posted by Kevin Matthews on November 07, 2000 at 05:42:33:

I can't believe the anti-American B.S. that these so-called 'Democrats' are spewing here. You're right Ralph, the Democrat Party has truly lost
its soul, and should be allowed to die a painful, lingering, humiliating death. Its scattered remnants might reconstitute themselves into something resembling an honorable political entity.. or maybe not.

Look.. Kerry is going to lose anyway. And the Democrats have gone over the deep end -- they'd vote for the resurrected corps of Joseph Stalin if they believed that they could defeat Bush by doing so... I"m afraid that your average 'Democrat' is so insane, that he/she would cut off the nose (Retreat from The War on Terror) to spite the face (Bush). I don't want these irrational hatemongers electing my next president and administration!

Let's finish off the Democrat Party in 2004 -- it's an impossible, schizophrenic agglomerations of incompatable parts... driven to madness in their collective, irrational hatred of George W. Bush.

Run, Ralph, Run!


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